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The patriots and ravens right now they are the the elite the class of the AFC everything else it's a G. jumbled up disaster no no that's just wrong it's a jumbled up math it's messy we don't know how it's going to play out is a lot of different ways the pieces could fall into place with buffalo and Indianapolis in Kansas city all taking step back in week ten with Oakland why he's there was all by but with the Oakland with Pittsburgh taking steps forward that mosh pit in the A. F. C. as a little bit more active for a little bit more confusing bodies flying everywhere it's fun to think about the possibilities I just keep remembering last year how the Steelers had first place in the AFC north it's all about this time of the season and then the ravens make a change at quarterback they began to play a ball control game that's run first and what happens the Steelers loose to every team in the AFC west and though they win in week seventy without Antonio brown they missed the post season because the ravens when the north so thinking about the possibilities certainly some trades have made major impact and I think it's right now pretty easy to see that you David Clowney make of its Patrick even Ryan Tannehill I made offenders helping you stay healthy I know that Tara mom it's a new had a a strong debut with the patriot they've been on a by J. Lynne Ramsay these are guys that have not only made an impact but are probably worth more than what their teams gave up to get them wait straight into the other nineteen has been the most impactful a little radio on Twitter or Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence eight five five two one two four two two seven Eric is listing in Ohio welcome to after hours they are nice take my call of the show thank you I'm just going to jump in on the the the most impactful trade there's been a quite a few but I think the easiest has been what my team would make the make the fits Patrick trade I mean for several reasons AB the two thousand and eighteen this year several key take aways act I believe there already twenty four reporter six or seven of those yes to in touch down these completely change the back end of that defense and not only that but out of the playoffs these are not my could be missing a clean maybe but I'm I'm pretty sure most of all have their franchise quarterback said the the date you your skill positions on offense the three day wide receivers have a combined six years of experience obviously they're starting makes a rude off so the defense has to the pressure is all on the defense said to me giving up a first round pick I could care less if you look at the track record of the Steelers drafting in the first round of their secondary they pretty much logged out over the last year so they're not going to draft anybody better the main difference Patrick and he's only a second year player right now so but it's it's looking to be a genius move and not only has he been impact player but he's he's I would have to say he's a defensive player of the year candidate right now if he continues to play at the level he's playing along with PJ waters also just you know all right ball yeah on the outside so thanks for taking my call have a good day thanks Eric I appreciate it listening in Ohio yeah you can see the tangible evidence with mink of fits Patrick Leahy brings explosive Nestle brings energy any brings a real legitimacy that especially the the Steelers secondary is not had for a few years that in fact has been the weak spot which I would explain why Mike Tomlin was so committed to getting may get into feeling like he was worth everything he had to give up which was a first round a fifth round six round I think there were a couple of pics or at least one pick that went the other way to Miami I'm sorry to Pittsburgh along with minka but the first round pick is really the big one it's after hours here on CBS sports radio the Steelers defense being a I went through the bright spot because the way the Mason road office played they're supposed to get James Connor back coming up this weekend it's a team sport and so you know you have to have everybody in for Rudolph to step in without Ben Roethlisberger the rest of the way he's also done well when he said to you they had some big cakes and so it it's not completely one sided but the Steelers defense has been the Achilles heel for the last several years which is why the offices had to score so many points and it's nice that they now have that as a a stopper more of a more of a defense that has to be dealt with it has to be reckoned with they feel like they can win games with the defense is a string so that's cool and I love the fact that they're above five hundred now for the first time the way they started the season getting demolished by the New England Patriots and that obviously losing Roethlisberger I in the next week for them to be where they are I think says a lot about Mike Tomlin's coaching staff and yet people are always so quick to look at him one five man alive I take my telling coach in my team anyday not to mention the environmental element of the preparation is that something you only get from Mike Tom so which traded in two thousand nineteen has been the most impactful I was looking at our Facebook page and I saw this Fromm gosh where to go Josh how about right into the hill to the Titans I'm really liking this one myself the antenna hill who was traded from Miami to Tennessee is now the starting quarterback for the Titans were at five and five and they give a before the seventh rounder for him so all of the four quarterbacks that I mention in that that were trades in two thousand nineteen Josh rose in not starting anymore for Miami Joe Flacco out for the rest of the year with a neck injury the impingement case Keenum well he's no longer starting either we have news about the Washington Redskins coming up Ryan Tannehill had to bide his time and wait but he is now starting for Titans team that believes it can make a run here with their run game with their ability to stop the run and now with a quarterback who brings the maturity and experience so tell for a jury still out there let's see how that works out the rest of the way guys been five one by so many huge injuries south over the last five years it's good to see him out there playing football again all right on Twitter a little radio also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence you haven't voted for Monday M. 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