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Yeah. I was in this weird scenes. Tommy Lee Jones where they were like glitter on the. All right. Well, here we are very exciting part of the show. Yeah. Because we've got eight nasty naughty little children go and three good. Sweet children left. He what that doesn't make twelve. Eight or gone three or left. I don't know. I'm not grow. No, there's one I just left out because I really done have you with performance. Yeah. Nine done. It's well, okay. You're right nine ago, but twelve or still here, let's do this. All right. So. You guys are you comfortable where you're at? Or do you want to sit in the front row or a better stage? Picture doing stage pictures. I don't know how we can make a good picture this point. It's just a mess, but but stay in the same order. That's the key. Desmond. I guess I guess you sort of still in the same order. This is totally the same order. All right. Which who did we end on when we stopped playing that game. It was me. I'm gonna say Dumbo. Yeah. Then Desmond you would have been next. So now, we are going the other way around. So I should sit all the way over there. That's what I wanted. But what I want is important here. You would like me to proceed stage, right? I would like to proceed in any way possible. Oh my goodness. I got my microphone. I'm good. Okay. There's plenty now. Nice over here warned got rid of those. Thank you. Gotta be got rid of those eight Noddy nasty little children and there's five left. That definitely equals twelve. We're gonna play Bennington. Just like we did last night. Jesse knows about this. We'll see how the other guys on it. We'll start with you as men and then go to Griffin and then to Jesse, and I wanna tell you the name of an actor, and you each get in turn a chance to name one movie that you think that they were in that made the most money after being adjusted for inflation according to box office. Mojo dot com. Guess that actors highest grossing film adjusted. Okay. Yeah. I couldn't have summarized it better. You get three points for number one to two on for three and we're playing three rounds. And I've got a way to definitely crowd a win tonight. So that time bullshit we had last night worldwide domestic. Thank you for asking domestic we are fucked. All right, please. Tell me what's in the top three. Does the films of Calapan?.

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