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Carter, huge jessamine, Dustin Brown, Brent seabrook, Robert Nielsen, Steve bernier, Zach parisi, Eric Farr, Ryan gets left, Brent burns, Mark Stewart, Mark Antoine, Ryan Kessler, Mike Richards, Anthony Stewart Brian Boyle, Jeff tambling, Corey Perry, Patrick keefe, and Sean bell. You know who I would take if I had to redo this draft first overall? Patrice bergeron. Take it in the second. Really? Taken in the second round, 45th overall by Boston. Okay, fair. And gets off number two. You wouldn't pick flurry first? No. Oh man. The goaltending is such a, that's such a good base. And he went on to win three cups, not saying he factored in two of them. For reason my top three still, but I don't know. It's like personal. I guess you could really argue bergeron or get stuff. And I think if you could redo it, most people would say, or Weber, Weber shut down as well. Boom, that's how I was going to say webby, man. They had big D, you build around Jared type fucking demon. Absolutely weba. Wow. Well, that was a fun little game. Yeah, all right, moving right along. Another Hall of Fame. Marion hos, his number 81 is going to be retired by the Chicago Blackhawks sometime next season, a date has not been announced yet. He officially retired on Thursday as a Blackhawk after signing that one day deal so he didn't have to retire as an Arizona coyote. I think that's where they shipped this car. He's the 8th Black Hawk to have his number retired 1134 points in 1309 games played, of course, he won three cups in Chicago, also played in three straight cup finals with three different teams. A trophy is the only guy that did that, but that's a pretty distinctive thing. Do you have any coyote? Jersey retirement night as well. They should match the pronger, datsyuk. Yeah, that we should just, we should put the statues up to now, get a good deal, like a three pack combo. You know, get a little bargain on it. Maybe it's one of those statues where it's like a horse bottom and they come out as like the different heads. What do you call those things? I have no idea. Do you know what I'm talking about? What like a person in the top and horse legs in the back? Yes. I think is it a minotaur? Am I sure I think? I think I'm in a tour. Let's do a mentor. There's another Hall of Famer that kind of just calling it quits. Do we got that? Doug Wilson, San Jose. After 19 years, Doug Wilson stepped down as general manager of the San Jose shocks. He's not retiring, so he may pop up elsewhere. He's just the fourth guy in NHL history with 1000 games played in 1000 games as a general manager. Even though they haven't won a cop, he definitely built the hell of a contender there for a long stretch. Only Pittsburgh and Boston have won more games and have more points than San Jose while under Doug Wilson. Only the pens have appeared more playoff rounds, 31 to 30. They had 5 Western Conference final appearances. They got to these 2016 Stanley Cup before they lost the Pittsburgh. The team, they said they're going to take their time finding a new GM owner hassel plattner. He doesn't want a full rebuild. He wants someone to come in and take over this team right now. They have cap isn't tough shape though. I sent the link over to you guys. He's going to have some work to do, whoever the new GM is, but any words on Doug Wilson stepping down. Well, I think it was Eliot Friedman was saying that John Ferguson junior, who's the assistant with the coyotes might be one of the frontrunners. And I think the comments from ownership were, they want somebody who's maybe a little bit more vocal and more of a presence and maybe talks to the media more. I think Doug Wilson, first of all, unreal job during his entire time there. I would say probably one of the top GMs found it fascinating that they've only had two GMs in the whole length of the franchise. I don't know if you mentioned that off the hop and you talk about the sustained success. Western Conference Finals you had 5 of them, one Stanley Cup finals, you had one president's trophy and they'd be playoffs 14 times during his 19 years. So a very, very impressive run. I think that the some of the deals maybe as of late would have, you know, we're still going to see how that ends up transpiring, but overall body of work fucking hell of a job man sustained excellence and enjoy retirement, well deserved. I don't know if you would say a Hall of Famer as a general manager too. Is that fair to say what you need to win a Stanley Cup to get that consideration? Probably, but I mean, I think the run he added to be that good of a player 8 time all star Hall of Famer Norris trophy winner and to turn it into being able to build the team that successfully it's just an amazing run by him and I hope everything's going on going well. I know he took a step back and nobody really knew what was going on. I think he's pretty private, but yeah, it's just a hell of a career on both business side and playing side because he's been able to really kind of figure it out and build a team that so many people picked up to win Stanley cups. They couldn't get over the hump at socks, but it is interesting, but it's like where they go from here because they've handed out they usually didn't hand out long-term deals and then they gave 8 years to burns. They gave 8 years to Carlson they gave 8 years to get sure they just gave 8 years to hurdle. They gave 8 years to vlasic. So they were chucking them around constantly and it's been a tough little goal, but like the owner mentioned in terms of not wanting a full rebuild, I wouldn't expect that because I don't think if hurdle heard that that was the plan, he would have resigned. So they're going to have to open up cap space to probably going to have to buy out vlasic. They're going to have to make some tough decisions there personnel wise because there needs to be a turnover and a quick turnover if they don't want to have a full complete rebuild and talk about a fucking man rocket, too..

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