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Shopping can be hard overcharging part thinking my friends mercy defaming monday it's on the shot because he lost his post i know it's no surprise frizz leprince pay full price bringing you the best still since sogo left licking his put diddly squat it's our c yes hammer time pool and go bold gold uh oh touch this little the judge the poll now we're back with you here on the shopping show hope you're having a good uh what what should we call this thanksgiving eve i gets that's what it is thanksgiving eve here on the sean hannity show and wherever you might happen to be hopefully this will be a nice thanksgiving holiday new a just seems a little odd the sun's going to be shining a every day in those no no no win a wellknown the may be seen no rain no storms know anything and a great traveling were just be very very careful last night i was on the way home to ozark are living ozark and so driving why not here on west sunshine were station is they've got the new bagged road there the a call to cloverleaf but the flyover maybe that's why should call it you know they've widened the road and and all that so people were just driving through their like maniacs shall i saw one rake rear ended deal and then i got around one one on up the other way and there were three cars bam bam bam does run right into each other so don't do that please don't do that don't don't get involved in those things watch out for the other guy i watch my rear view mirror to because if i'm denise of slow down i start tabernacles breaks so uh hopefully everbody he'll make it safe and enjoy the giving weekend now we're doing couple of housekeeping while them is the idea tiger expressed certificates the new owner is accepting the certificates through december forth we are not crediting these back for you folks these are not our certificates they created the tiger expressed folks did and they have made that arrangement would the new ownership i think as mr hot china's bought sowa they said they will allow beauty use those up through december forth so if you have some use them all right i've got a couple i'm gonna use and uh so i need the.

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