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In from Tuscaloosa Alabama for your trending entertainment but we have two reports start with a with a Thursday football game which probably search we ten weeks of the regular season happening I wouldn't say it was artistic but it was interesting the game last yeah I would I would so the Chargers felt the need to to spot the raiders ten points yes and seventeen interception by on a couple of interceptions in the first couple of drives in this game that the raiders turned into a field goal and Eric Harris two interceptions one of the fifty six yard interception return at the interceptions by by Philip rivers a son is one three interceptions the couple call back maybe could have made even more in this one but again to orally spot in about ten to lead the raiders actually took chart are or the Chargers I should say it actually took a lead I would about four months ago and have fourteen to ten until the raiders scored with twenty one seconds ago in the half and took that leading kept that leave the rest away ended up winning a twenty six too I know I'm sorry the fourth quarter the right Chargers did I believe twenty four twenty a minute to go and the raiders get eighteen yard run by Josh check of right up the middle and and just you watch that run clinic on the inside with incognito at left tackle Rodney Hudson what Robbie how to that center gave Jackson right guard you get Alec Ingle the the undrafted golf full back from Wisconsin well by the way had a touch on his game he leads up to the whole it was an absolute clinic on inside combo blocking up to the second level blocking for J. could barely be getting hot just going straight up the got for an eighteen yard run to put about twenty six twenty four and then the Chargers shockingly had the ball with time running down Philip rivers trying to lead down to victory seems to happen all only every single week their six losses by the way all one possession game yeah I I just wanna I've said this a hundred times listen if you're Chargers fan I mean I legitimately feel for you I don't I don't know if I've ever seen a team find new and more interesting creative ways to lose heart breaking games are every single one of their losses as you said was a one possession game and you look at when they finally look like they put it together Mike Sunday against the Packers they fumble we think is a really good team bows and they were just got after Aaron Rodgers in that game you think okay this looks like the team we saw a year ago that one twelve games went on the road to Baltimore won a playoff game and then got run over by the patriots in the divisional round maybe this will be the calling card for them and instead Philip rivers as opposed to Spencer last night he's just tossing out candy to everybody as you said the first two drives and interceptions he literally had to other interceptions call back by penalties and at least two or three other throws that could have been intercepted we he could have had a seven interception game and and people have been like yeah that's what should have been all that said they had the lead in this game a couple of times and then when they did not believe they had the ball to drive down to put themselves you know within a field goal attempt of winning the game and Philip Rosenthal for seven yeah and that drives us if you hear about the game no excuses nope he talked about the interceptions over Florida I'm the first one Hundred Henry fell down but even said that even if you didn't fall I don't know if it would have been complete maybe it would have been intercepted he took responsibility of that last drive again over seven and finished off of an interception in that one it was at I mean you look at the it's one of those don't look at the stats they had been out for ten minutes more they had more total yards Melvin Gordon ran for over a hundred yards in this one yeah could not could not hold the lead and then close the deal or try to get the lead back at the end so I think we believe that we said this yesterday this was an elimination game right and I think we have six losses and the way they've lost will who they have coming up I think it's tough for the charges right at the city still to Kansas city games good luck yeah so I think that they're out of it yeah and then there's the raiders who are now at five and four and over five hundred here their next two games home for the bangles at the jets I'm sorry they should win both of those games what I had what we should I guess all be saying about the raiders are in a listen we all took our turns poking fun right yeah I ask them trading away Khalil Mack Amari Cooper you know and I still not sure I I I of all on the cool mac one yes I would there are those that are saying listen they did it for a reason and the reason was get young and all by the way there they think the fourth youngest as far as snaps going into this weekend the end of week ten the fourth fourth most out from rookies this season there for thirteen touchdowns by rookies this year they got young they use a lot of those pics as assets to get players to get other picks to get other players and right now it's working you can you can actually say nothing but it's working considering all the one out from that standpoint Antonio brown saga that went on as well where they are right now that is a credit to Jon Gruden and those players and what they're doing right now because you all right this is the next step for you they should be in Cincinnati and they should be to Jack's tali raider fans I know will be holding their breath saying we can't do raider things and screw up one of these games rate right things we can't do that yeah and this this is where you see has a young team you know how mature can they be this young yeah and when the two games they should and should there be at seven four and then we'll go from there so again at seven and four then I would that began that I'm really interested in them is when they go to Kansas city private chiefs on December first that to me we'll tell me everything I need to know about this raider team going forward so that's the start of the weekend in the NFL week ten but Mike this this this weekend is really about two huge mass at college football games Penn state obviously taking the Minnesota which any of the week would be V. game but we have Alice you taking on Alabama and listen not only will this be potentially elimination game for those wanting to play in the college football playoffs and that could become a national champion this is scouts a poll lose us is on for the upcoming draft so let let's take another another Avenue here because we we broke doing more Avenue people broken down the game is getting broken down in a million different ways as it should yeah this has the potential to be obviously a fantastic game right now its plan for there to be twenty eight scout from nineteen NFL teams schedules assist him twenty eight scouts from nineteen NFL teams right now I plan on being there so let's go to a game or we've had the most players drafted by two teams who played in a year October thirtieth two thousand fourteen number to Florida state on rank lawful that draft after that following season had eleven players from Florida state and ten from Allah from little so twenty one players that's the most at the that's the only game this decade among those two teams that has included twenty or more NFL draft picks of this decade so right now are there people are spoken to NFL executives director of player personnel directors college scouting and there's an estimation that twenty to twenty five players on the field Saturday will be chosen in next April's draft the number obviously you you can't pick a now because there's evaluated you and we also don't know which under classmen are going to declare as well the number of twenty twenty don't draft selections is likely to top the previous meeting of Alabama and LSU as the number one and number two ranked team in two thousand eleven that game featured thirteen players taken in the two thousand twelve draft including a from Alabama here's the thing though about that game for getting just that year overall after that game at two thousand eleven game nine to six Alice you win so from those two rosters not in the next draft right in the subsequent drafts there were forty five players who participated in that game that were drafted including twenty five of the starters in that game it's ridiculous from that game forty five players ended up being drafted on believable what went on there one NFL executive said they'll be of this year's draft thirteen slam dunk picks for Alabama and seven from Alice you another executive said fourteen from Alabama and eleven from Ellis you so they could be twenty to twenty five and again in this decade we saw twenty one our goal from the Florida state local game well and again what happened to pass is going to happen again to what you just said Mel Kiper has is news big board out for the draft and twenty twenty you want to guess how many of the top fifteen players on his big border playing in the Alabama else all I I know for in the top ten sold another five six maybe seven seven seven of the top fifteen players on Mel's draft big board R. playing Saturday night in Tuscaloosa between I was you I think six of the top ten are Ellis you Alabama and Ohio state yep role Lewis the outside linebacker for Alabama Alex leather would the offense of linemen I love that name for an offense of linemen Alex love the way I to the guys it may want to give me a little love a jury duty and Alex whether what I coach them both in the under armour also clearly this is all about you after Henry rugs the wide receiver from Alabama is in there grant don't put the safety from LSU a Joe burrow also Jerry Judy into a town of Isla so those here's a thing saying the only for not in not on those teams us received out I was just Herbert from Oregon but I say I think it is Timmons occur the linebacker from Clemson I yeah I say Simmons ally mac from Clinton Andrew Thomas to tackle from Georgia and Derek brown the D. tackle from Auburn everybody else is either Ohio state Alabama or L. issue yeah and chase young by the way right now no one and should be number one by the way the office by dealing coach at Ohio state should be getting a job somewhere soon with what we saw from Joey Bosa nicknames such as sales it's unbelievable absolutely that guys should be getting a pay raise or whatever job he wants don't forget and for more of the big verses number two verses number three match of in terms of the playoff rankings today on these paid daily Ellis you in Alabama is the showdown everyone's been waiting for ESPN's rhyming he explains how the Tigers offense became a power house and whether or not it'll be enough subscribe and listen to the ESPN daily where ever you get your podcasts ESPN is brought you by indeed used by over three 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