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It's weird it's a weird so they wanted to have her in it but not allow so they were like the like the next best thing we could do was like show you how she was framed to look like this fucking lunatic and so it's like looking at everything that happened to her in the late nineties and early two thousands through the lens of twenty twenty one where we have changed like all the rules so when you know the metoo movement started and mental health became a thing and janie and all that like i mean the. It's weird because we lived through it. I mean i guess we were like her age almost so they weren't paying attention. We'll really all right. I think a little me. I think i'm like a year younger than that. I remember being like that's a hot girl. Yeah yeah think. I was fourteen when she was like sixteen or something but I mean the the interviews and shit that she used to go through our fucking bazaar. Like ed mcmahon asking her if she had a boyfriend when she was ten years old. There's some foreign reporter being like we must talk about your breasts. So they real when the what's up with your breasts and she's like my brass. Yeah okay and she's like she. She was like seven. Yeah she's like seventeen years old and you got this guy being. We must talk about the abreast. So they're real are they. And he's like you seem to always get angry when reporters bring up your breasts. So i've been uruguay. Yeah and then. Like i mean what drove me crazy. Was matt lauer interviewing her. Like you know handed out life lessons like why would you do that. You're an unfit mother. We look back on it and say oh. Yeah that guy's a fucking serial rapist so he has no fucking say and then and then it was also just more like an. This happens when you are in the public is. You can't really like sometimes. It's like deal with it. But there was a family feud thing in the category was named something. Britney spears has lost this year and it was like ping her kids her fans. Thank her hair. Dang her mind that everyone was like. Oh like oh my god we fucking ruined this girl and then then we called her crazy now now. I have two questions. Here is the documentary. Is the idea of it freebritney or is it just how we created someone who should be under a conservative ship. Because i have difference of opinion there. I do think she is crazy. I do think it's entirely our fault. Their songs like Like tail mad woman where there's a line like When she says. I forget like when she acts crazy. You know you made like that. Yes i think like in regular life. There's a level of personal responsibility. Yes we're like. Yeah we got an. I didn't make you fucking crazy. We got an argument. I might have lied. I might have been. Yeah yeah. i'm not perfect. But i didn't like you can't do everything hooking manipulating even the national media for fifteen years right. There's a there's a difference huge. So i do think i do think. We drove genus horribly. Treated awesome. i completely agree with. I think we talked about justin timberlake a little bit. I tend to stay on his side with their painting him as a villain not paying him as a villain..

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