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Assault, Tripoli, WGA discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News


The Tripoli Jan cans from the automotive group traffic center here on newsradio nine fifty updating the accu weather forecast now with the freeze warning in effect until eight AM for the rest of the overnights clearing cold low thirty three later today mostly sunny with less wind we get up to a high around sixty turning out mostly cloudy tonight with occasional rain arriving late to low forty four into Thursday mostly cloudy and breezy and warmer with the few periods of rain and a thunderstorm Thursday size seventy one in a Friday it's a couple of showers early then some sun likely returning for the afternoon very mild for assault Friday as we get to live seventy six MM for Saturday's mostly cloudy will get up to high around seventy currently it's clear in thirty one for fled smugly clear in thirty six on the metro airport the vinyl foundation living with cystic fibrosis could use your generous donation will help us continue to get lung transplant grants medical assistance not covered by insurance and college scholarships to people living with cystic fibrosis CF causes chronic and fatal lung infections interferes with digestion and cause as many other health issues the average life expectancy for someone with CF is forty one years old you can help by going to the by now foundation dot org to donate I'm Laura by now and I do this because I have two daughters with cystic fibrosis and I realized I could help others on behalf of all the people we've helped thank you for ex number one station news radio nine fifty WGA another corona virus relief bill in the works of the U. S. house worth three trillion dollars CBS news report on the.

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