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Kalin. Let's chat so mixed. Martial arts. Lots going on. We're still reacting to Ladele versus Ortiz. Some news over the weekend was Israel out of. On. You will be fighting Anderson Silva looks like sage north cut is out of the U of C. So seriously, we can go in many directions, the heavyweights made a comeback in gone. Princeton gone who looked like crap in his last fight against Derrick. Lewis looked amazing beating crew Curtis blades who had like a four five win streak and title aspirations. So he's beating him now for the second time, and then the rim, of course, back he had lost two blades ending on back to back. So he needed a dub, really, really bad. And he got it over Sergei Pablo vich in the Komen event out there in Beijing China. So again, lots of talk about and of course, it is the holidays. So if you're just in a cheerful mood, and you wanna share your thanksgiving weekend was, hey, no problem. Call in do that football right in the thick of it. Pro football college football were nearing that bowl season. You know, me man, I've been pumping the high school football and all about that as well. I could go on a rant because poked me. I seriously got some issues with USA today. Sports, by the way, I thought that was going to be a lock that was weird wanted to think about it because that's family. You know what I mean? And but I have a disagreement with USA today. Sports in the way, they. Regrouped and did the rankings for week sixteen. It just makes no sense that modern day high school ranked number two in the nation. Played the number one team in the nation. We beat the number one team in the nation. We did that twice this year. We did too. I am g academy. We did it to Saint John Bosco IMC, by the way, basically an all star team. Right. Yeah. We dropped. So not only did we not become number one. We actually stayed behind the team. We just Pete with the fuck that we plan for then that's stupid when the buffet they did you guys, and they beat up pretty bad. It's not they did leap over us. So when we beat them we should have leapt over them as well and get this the team that leapt over both of us Allen, Texas from Allen, Texas undefeated been ranked no problems with that. They have not played top twenty five position. I win every sixteen weeks all sixteen weeks. I checked what did they do in week? Fifteen. What did he do in week fourteen thirteen twelve all the way down not one time? Did it say they beat the previous number six? They beat the previous number eleven nothing. Like that at all. So they've had a little bit of a cupcake schedule, right mater dei. Be played seven teams this year that we're at one point ranked in the top twenty five national. I'm not talking about county or state. I'm talking about national school powerhouses seven teams that were ranked Bishop Gorman they played them when they were number eleven. I am g they played them when they were number one Saint John Bosco. They played them when they were number one centennial, corona they played them when they were number seven and j Sarah, I believe they played them when they were number twenty one so five of them were ranked when modern-day played them too at number one. And they beat both of those number ones and seven at one point where within those ranking is just that when Monterey played them. They they weren't ranked. I agree with what I agree with what you're saying. But I don't Texas plate. None of that. And then the top it off we still gotta play concord Dila, Sal from northern California. Who's ranked number six and Alan once again does not at the plate. Anyone that's ranked right here at filial and get there. I'm not done. All right. You poke the bear. Here's the other thing. In the criteria. It's as we base our criteria on strength of schedule scores tradition. And I forget what the other one was strength of schedule scores. Almost look like the same to me unless they're talking about rounded up mother fuckers when eighty two nothing or whatever, I don't know. But I all I know is this we did skunk. Some good teams Bishop Gorman got skunked here in Las Vegas forty to nothing in they house..

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