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Into her death. A pothole plague stretch of the BMW Parkway's finally getting some sorely needed repairs. Last night, the National Park Service state emergency pothole work southbound section for Maryland routes, one nine thousand eight to one ninety seven tonight at seven thirty. They'll start on the northbound section. It will be closed for men until five AM tomorrow. The repairs are being made after a meeting between Senator Chris van Holland and the park service unacceptable. Situation, and it should never have gotten that bad. Which is why we dot after the National Park Service to act with urgency park service originally planned to repave the road in the summer that projects been moved up to next month. And if you're driving downtown today, be prepared for traffic and no parking. It really is a perfect storm that you're a glasses are about to burst. The nationals are playing this afternoon in March madness is at Capital One always recommend, you know, folks, take folks like public transportation Smithsonian metro he's the closest stop you can hop on circulator that'll drop you off right at the festival. Welcome area. Mike litter with the National Park Service says if you drive you won't find parking, and what's normally get two minute drive will become twenty don't try and drive. Save yourself. The aggravation. John Matthews on WMA Allen, WFAN dot com. Maryland's crab picking houses may be able to get the number of migrant workers. They need this year to harvest their crabs the Trump administration's allowing thirty thousand more. People to get H to be temporary work visas, a cut in the number of those visas issue last year forced house of the processors in the state either not open or significantly cut back opperations because they didn't have enough workers max, traffic and weather WMA L WMA L.

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