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Be an outdoor element and winter football. So I've got my own standards I. There's temperature degree that I will not. On This. I will go to the go with Adler road. But it's going to be indoors in front of a TV. Okay. You're a local guy. So you know the feel of it and what it's like, what is the dog pound? Really like for somebody? Who is a Browns Fan? On A. Group that was divided under the Hanford Dixon. Browser, browns. It was really a group that was a low budget ticket. That Hanford really empowered and so it became a hot ticket because it's just it's just the wild rabbit fans you can have in the place. And it was always a ticket where it was affordable to go down there and it became a really like a badge, the bed of honor and courage go down there because those are some of the winds off the stadium right by the lake that I mean if you were late in the season, you a real rabid fan to be down there catching all add. With things like you know what I'm sitting in Guy Nelson in Doug you go right ahead. Let me ask you how tall were you when you were growing up and say in high school I say that because I know that kids that are a little bit different can be can be bullied. They can be teased and everything. What was it like for you brand? I was good about me I'm out of pretty fairly popular. Guy. I am wars. I grew up I would say I started tonight grade is six. Six Tall Gray and I graduated high school at Sixteen and a half. Gin and a half inches in in a four year span. That's how much I grew. I. Never Really Tell that was sprout like that. My all of my friends said, well, you get bigger and bigger like I like you don't know what you're talking about. So. For those that don't know you never know when you're growing, you can't tell it to self until somebody really take the stick out of measuring and let you know where you are but I mean I had a good a good upbringing is my family. And you know as well as I do when you get to a certain height, nobody is going to mess with you. I was about. Ten and a half when I grab I was tonight but I graduated high school I weighed about a buck eighty. Imagine. Being, at a real. I was thinking when I was playing I was really dead, right so but but I over the good neighborhood and good friends and. Conscientious folks and really cared about the community and you know by most I guess I was at orbited as again hit somebody with the talents that you had in basketball. The size that you had for basketball. I was surprised you got out of the state in the beginning and started playing your college. Basketball. Wisconsin. Before you transferred to Ohio state what's the story there? Is. And so. I think the big ten network with the first one really flush it out anybody that knows me that if you up in this area, you pretty much big can you should be can person because that's that's our I live blood bread bread butter around here. Obviously, there's a big Buckeye state where I am and how say Buckeyes Loom Large so Like any good seventeen year old when I decided that. They recruited by many thousand, this nation I settled in one. And school last settled in was University of Michigan. And the problem with seventeen you couldn't find a letter of intent you needed your parents to sign. And my father was not a Michigan Fan, and so he refused to sign the letter of intent for me to go to. University of Michigan. You say got through. And at that point I had decided that well. If you're not, GONNA pay somebody to go to Michigan. Then definitely not going to Ohio state that's. The, question. The looked around I said. Wisconsin Eti pretty good recruiting class. That's where I'm going to get the coast at the time was actually from Cleveland. Stadium. Enough away from home, we had a we actually have four guys ended up planning NBA One of actually out in Seattle Cory Blackwell. Jerry Reynolds. Myself Scott. Raw. For the four of us. And we've done like we would go to the big ten and really turn it on his ear four freshmen. Really getting busy highly crew two guys. and. We we learned a good lesson that was not be at all and so after two years of banging my head and checking a Lotta lumps a lot of personal. Successes but teen successes were few and far between. As turn my attention back towards home, and that's how I ended up packing house state where my father have known since I came back to the door this what you should have been in the first place we got about ninety seconds left before we have to break here and I'm just wondering when you went to Ohio state and you had a chance to play in a more comfortable situation both on the Home Front and in college basketball did you notice any changes in yourself? Because I absolutely ask two years of thousand my belt. Atmosphere was was so much better I'm. Two hours away from home family living in Columbus is just as good fit Some of mobile a lot of my colleagues were going to school house. I felt right at home for the beginning maybe feel like This is the place I should've been Brad. What did you think the NBA may be like and how did it turn out to be similar to or different from much you thought. Watching on TV let me tell you definitely different being involved. You know because you're playing against the best of the best. I had to come to learn as the best of best really meant the best of the best right I mean you had to really be prepared. It was almost like going to school every day. Thanks. You already put exam because there was a lesson waiting for you that every position and and. Our playing small forward I was in the best of the best, and so I think a lot of early Brad sellers is with us and when we come back on the other side, we're going to talk about his NBA career power forward and also center for seven seasons in the League, and he was drafted by the Bulls that came in the first round spent three years with them also went on to Seattle Minnesota and Detroit grew up in Ohio. We continue across the country and around the world good to have you with us on sports byline. I'm GonNa tell you how you can get real healthcare for as little as six dollars a day. Yes. Now you can get affordable health care for you and your family immediately.

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