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MTV, Cory, Henry Rollins discussed on Rolling Stone Music Now - The Life and Music of Chris Cornell


Rounding uh so so the mtv figured that out started going in video that was any green interviewing elite chris cornell about temple the dog in the making of the song hungerstrike and one of the things that struck me in that conversation was the something chris cornell people seemed sue underestimate him in some weird where love his serve resentment of tubing surprised at a great things he did i think he was just too goodlooking and saying too well and it it just seemed like it was too easy and so people didn't see the darkness and effort or something here and i that i think of that moment that temple the dogs music was so different than soundgarden that it was more commercial netted surprised than those of a different thing than soundgarden of that time period right i think in general hung it's always hard to grapple with a loss like this one of the many things and makes it so tough as you think about all the stuff that chris cornell didn't get to do that would have been amazing you know and one of the things we were talking about is like he was actually pals with jimmy page he did like a qna with him forever jimmy's like book project recently and the fact that chris cornell never got to sing with demi pager or even with the reunited led zeppelin what a huge bomber and cory who were saying that they're ho he also could have done something with with black sabbath there is the elders this incredible ijeoma city from i guest fifteen years ago where he had all these different singers like henry rollins and flown psalm our and ozzie was on there too but knows a lot of people from that era from the the '90s would have been brilliant to hear him sing with them because he did this incredible suckered into this and colonel into the void cover around abed motor finger right there notice on amazing.

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