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The dog and the elephants a story from india that was once an elephant who belonged to a maharajah of india who lived in great style the maharajahs personal chef prepared great quantities of rice for the elephants to eat every day not just any old rice but fluffy savory smelling buzz marty rice with todman pods cloves cumin seeds and a touch of red saffron at dish fit for a king or queen now in the same palace that also lived a dog who belong to one of the servants he was not nearly so lucky as the elephants and had to get by on a few dollar observed butter cooled gear or spoonful auden tools cooled dial for his breakfast in the mornings he would pass by the stable where the elephant lived and taken the wonderful smell of the rice how he loved that aroma but o how hungry it made him feel one day the dog could hold back no longer he slipped through a gap onto the door to the stable and saw the elephant eating his breakfast her yellow great walden said the dog i humbly ask if i made a few mouthfuls of your wonderful rice horn ju dole stuff said the elephant which is a most respectful way of saying yes my own it friend and the dog who is very much reassured by the elephants good manners stepped forward and a to share of the rice thank you oh great hottie.

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