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More inviting workplace but not everyone feels invited a look at so called cultural fits from this weekend's Jennifer Kerr shankha employers often aim to hire people they think will be a good cultural fit but that can create a problem and all new hires look and think and act alike how can they managers create a better environment sue Shellenberger the Wall Street journal is here with more so what does that mean to hire people based on cultural fit employers want employees who will fit in in important ways such as they they work the same way their colleagues do maybe they they are motivated by the same things such as creating something new or serving customers well and if they get the right culture fit the employee is likely to work really hard whether anyone's watching or not or whether there's a manager telling them what to do so it's it's seen as a key to productivity so your story talks about the Looking Glass merit what does that mean researchers have found that unconsciously without realizing it many hiring managers tend to like people who have common background treat such as maybe they went to similar kind of school or had a similar major and this makes them feel at home it makes them feel good about themselves here's this presentable person who did the same thing I did and even without realizing it they may tend to choose that person over someone else who has actually better qualifications for the job so what are some of the deeper questions that hiring manager should be asking a candidate instead of just looking at them as the same I think it's really important to go deep and figure out whether the applicants in sync with really fundamental elements of the company culture and of course to do that you have to know what your company culture is what are your values what are your main goals in year the way that you work your beliefs about how work should get done will they mesh well with the individuals on a team that works the same way with a collaborator compete and will they naturally make decisions in the way the employer want maybe individually or as a group or will they be risk takers that we want or maybe conservative people who avoid risk those are the kinds of deeper issues about behavior that really make a difference in weather employee succeeds or not we're speaking was to Shellenberger the Wall Street journal sue I I love the story in your story about the guy who else is Canada's how they treated the drivers talk about that this executive after he finishes interviewing someone for a job he goes to the company car service and asked the driver how the applicant treated the person and if the driver says well you kind of put on here's one case a candidate was asking the driver opened the car door for him and this executives reaction was really easier to cure playing for a regular job you're not to be ambassador France and take it easy he ended up not hiring that person he knew is culture well and he knew that asserted the Golla tarian humble friendly accepting as she was really important to helping his team's work well too from the candidates view points what is an alluring culture what are people looking for I think it employees really need to ask themselves about more than this the pay and benefits and status they need to ask themselves how life you're working here and my motivated by this company's mission you for example many people joined a tech companies in the early two thousands because they were motivated by their desire to create a better world that hasn't worked out quite the way everybody tight but it back in that stage people really set I want to make the world a better placed in other cases you may be really love making customers happy this is really gratifying for you so you need to look at the company mission and see if that's what the company is all about it's really important to know what motivates you and what kind of work set up is best for you before you make a decision that is soo Shellenberger columnist at the Wall Street journal her column is called work and family thirty minutes now after the hour on this weekend traffic and weather for Columbus radio listings ten WTVN opposition on the rise for plan changes to America's second all the shopping room please the clothes sugar Boulevard to make shaker square near Cleveland a centerpiece for the community drawing ire of local business leaders like Brandon cross now ski this plan isn't going on behind closed doors as many of these interested powers happens right in the shadows these deals are made we came to a towards the end when that when this is was already made developers say they've pulled thousands in the cigarettes community and say the proposed greenspace openness and walkability is what they are asking for though they will continue to take feedback flags to half staff by governor Mike DeWine under detective George del Rio of the Dade police department it was a touch of that died from his injuries after being fatally shot during a drug raid Monday evening and this way you're going into retirement the Cleveland Browns string to his son asked you to leave them out of the tunnel this afternoon against the Buffalo Bills eleven month old bull mastiff takes over after swagger held the title mascot for five years I'm tile Cornell the latest headlines and breaking news when it happens news radio six ten WTVN whether your.

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