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Before their Monday night game tomorrow, rescheduled by the covert 19 re shifting, You know, we talked about it just a couple of moments ago with Bundu pre going down when Devin Bush went down. That was a big loss. Um and you know, and you had touched on it just a second ago, and I thought of the time. Yeah, that's a big loss. But it still won't make it overcome. When you take a second linebacker to that same injury out of the mix, How did they overcome that? And just looking ahead and be the same ferocious defense they have been without those two in there? You know, I always you know, I grew up watching the Bears. I'm from Chicago. And I always harking back to the 85 bears, and they were missing two key starters and look how good that defense was. I'll take it back to the 79 Steelers were missing Jack Ham and Mike Wagner in the playoffs. They won the Super Bowl, so I think to, But now your margin for error is you have no more margins. Rare. That's what when Devon went down, Devon hadn't been doing it yet. He was still a speedball, and he added to the overall great speed of that unit. So when he went out, he had really become the communicator. The veteran inside guide The guy we know he's going to become, and probably would be by now. He wasn't there. So it wasn't that great of a loss. It was a loss in speed. And now But now we're talking about a veteran guy who's really in his prime, playing his best ball a speedball. So now you lose to speed balls off the defense. How much more can you lose? But you got TJ over there. And teachers always been the number one player. I think on that defense. Can't Hayward step onto it? Great three out of four now, and they have a really good rookie. This Alex guy Smith, who's gonna take Bloods place? Is impressed. Everybody is a third round pick. Not going to be a strong against the run is Bud was, but you know What was really good against the run. He was all around game but was playing So Alex Highsmith is interesting to everybody, so it's still possible. It's still possible, but with their margin for error is zero. Now. Even Nelson, their corner is out this game with a knee. So This game could be very scary. Uh um If you don't mind me jumping into that. It's okay. You know, they put bars well. They called Boswell belt with their kicker. Two weeks ago. They had signed a kid they cut two years ago. Matthew right to be a kicker on the practice squad That was very curious. Well, it makes sense now. Boswell had been bothered by this shit for a while. But these kept ticking. He kicked in Baltimore. That game was important. This game's out of conference. Not like to be taken lightly, but they probably look at this is Let's let Boswell rest is hip for before the stretch, so that's kind of might be an indication of how their viewing this game. And being in this bumpy stretch and his weird scheduling the Redskins could be a problem for him if you know Yeah. Everybody's coming after the undefeated team right, so this could be a tricky game for them. I'm going to jump up into the offense Chase. Claypool is having a phenomenal season love to kid coming out of Notre Dame. And sure enough, he sitting there in the second round. When the Steelers on the board may take him, it's been a least a decade run of the still is be able to draft develop and watch wide receivers become stars. Eyes it because I'm cured the combination of all but which is the top reason Ben's been the quarterback the whole time. The coach had been the same coach the whole time. The system just developed wide receivers or the GM is picking these gems. Year in and year out in the draft. Why have the Steelers what's the main reason to Steelers have been able to get this great wide receiver production out of the draft of the last decade? Well, you know, they have had some misses. You know Marcus wheat and I believe with second round third round Sammy coach was third round know them its head. Like, you know, For the most part. You're right. And the G. M. Uh I'm just he's been the only constant they have. They've had a lot of scouts that have been there for a long time. But I I just got to believe it's the GM and They could have used a running back. JK Dobbins would still look very good in that lineup. Man Chase Claypool. He's a big man who could run deep fits in perfectly with his attitude. He's a tough guy on special teams. Yeah, there's a great pick. Great pick. I don't know what the secret sauce is. Kevin Colbert. Kevin Colbert probably has a better idea, but he's way too humble to take the credit, so it probably will never be known exactly why they do nail these wide receivers. We have a minute left. So here's a chance that's the holiday season one to tell us about Polamalu. You know, I think it's the defining book of that era. When the Steelers went to three Super Bowls, they were driven by defense. As much as Ben, help them. It was a defense driven team, and he's the only Hall of Famer. Probably gonna be the only Hall of Famer from that defense, and he was You know, we'd make a case later in the book that he was the holy spirit of that defense. I have some religious guises That is said going too far. Some of them said Yeah, but some of them said he was a small voice of God on that team. He was he was, He was the voice. He was the quiet, meek guy. Turned it on on the field of just such an interesting persona in Pittsburgh and I my intention when I wrote it was for kids to read this kids of all ages because It's not a challenge book, but I think he's the perfect role model and he was so mischievous and such a prankster that there's a lot of funny stories that go along with this guy who we consider a monk. Just how spiritually he wa so it is. Just a complex, interesting person is 430 pages. It just blows by. It really does. It's not. It's not burdensome, not onerous, but it does define It's going to be the definitive book of that. That decade of excellence by the Steelers and their defense, All right, we look forward to reading it. Good Christmas present. The name of the book is top Palla. Mollo, The author is Jim Wechsel of Steelers Digest. We thank you. Jim have a safe and half the happy holiday season and hope talking again soon. And right now, you could only get it..

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