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The traditional it has a lot to do with taxation and you know yesterday we talked to professor palm about taxation with regard to your your asset location it was kind of a uh technical discussion about you know blending buckets and so forth but once again your tax bracket both now and in this case in the future can play a big role in determining whether in which type of ira you do roth or traditional well it has to do with the cost of one over the other mmhmm and the cost is basically how much in taxes the have to pay that's our cost what is the most efficient way to buy it when can i get it on sale really that's it and and and to be able to avoid taxation wherever you can because it's one of the biggest drags in your portfolio the joel encounter uh if you can work it out great and that's why we're here it's all part of the planning are at eight seven seven polaner pla double in the armani get back to the phones and we'll discuss more i think he started to give an example which we will continue in just a few minutes here but back to the phone lines paul in seattle washington is next i fall prey how are you doing doing great thanks so um my question is will i'm fifty years old my wife is 42 to just little history here and i have a a pension and annuity 401 k to my work and my wife and i both also contribute to a traditional ira it's at this time and we maximum i we've been considering changing them to a roth ira but we're my question comes in between the two of us between our two when it comes to lead make usually between 100 and 6100 and 70000 years i know we just fall into that program inner but we also have rentals where we have made chum three reynolds that are paid for that we get fifteen hundred dollars a month each on so i'm assuming that also that's the counted as aren't income so we would not qualify for the runoff because of that that was my questions uh depending upon what's happening after you received the 1500 a month number the 5000 about that you're revenue from the.

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