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Rivers more than a week since Ida and still more than 550,000, homes and businesses in Louisiana still don't have electricity. President Biden will travel to the Northeast tomorrow to look at the devastation in that part of the country. In New Jersey officials are searching for two family members swept away toward the river last Thursday and in New York two NYPD officers swimming and shoulder deep water, Children's toys and face masks floating in the murky water as the men dive down. By the time city officials eventually got into the apartment. The family of three had already drowned. KBC Is Andrew Denver, ending today three different pandemic related unemployment benefit programs. One time Marine sniper hospitalized and in custody in Polk County, Florida, authorities say Brian Riley shot and killed four people, then Shot it out with police before surrendering. This is ABC News in Afghanistan, ist and off at an airport in the country's north over claims that the Taliban are blocking evacuation flights for Americans looking to get out satellite photos reportedly showing chartered planes Some supposed to evacuate Americans at Mazar e Sharif airport blocked by the Taliban and the State Department. While not confirming that are Americans on those planes, saying we will hold the Taliban to its pledge to let people freely depart Afghanistan the White House now says there are about 100 Americans still in the country awaiting evacuation. NBC's Julie McFarlane, who says the Taliban are apparently cracking down on women. Protesting to hang on to their rights in the U. S. A couple of developers paid almost $11 million for the Miami Beach mansion. Al Capone owned and died in The developers want to tear it down and build a new mansion, But Miami Beach is considering putting it on the local historic register. I'm Tom Rivers, ABC News. Half A million businesses connect using Zil, a single platform for.

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