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That money to empower our people to make people feel good about themselves to connect people back to HR. That's what success is now I employ you if you want to be successful and I know you to first of all figure out what success means two year Find fees delve deep into them work through them overcome them. You do it from his point of view. Don't just focus on the mind focused on the body as well. Your body deserves to be loved as well and looked after. If if you carrying too much white lose the white. If you haven't got enough energy change your diet so you can have more energy. Someone said to me a few years ago when I was explaining to them. What my big dreams were my idea of success plus the thoughts that I wanted to change the world and I said to me and you are you looking after yourself and I said you know what I do I I ate orrick high and an exercise much not probably probably drink too much and I said to me Andrew? If if you're going to be that successful there's nowhere in the world you're gonNA physically manage it if you don't start looking after you so you've course looking after yourself now. So that when you get to that point. You've got the energy to that. You've got the.

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