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Team while you did well and from what I'm hearing. Kyle interrupt or I don't know about this but people can now go onto our site. Check out the stories on Project Code and there will be more information sooner about how you can assemble an even greater team than both David and Andy Barons that is well and And Compete for bragging rights. Or whatever it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm going to try to improve my team. I know now how I can improve my team and probably spending more than thirty minutes with help so that I was lazy. I just wanted to watch Netflix. Apparently let's move on on this show here so a popular topic. I have been talking about. A lot is The sims on baseball reference at baseball bear sitting out the entire season and it's really cool off an affiliate who like foreign thirteen. But it's still been kind of fun to see what they believe. What the same. I think it's out of the park. What they Simba leaves certain players will do statistically which obviously affects fantasy. So we've discussed in the past couple weeks that Marcus semi-in of Oakland sitting for even more power Just Upton looks like he's back. Chris Davis of Oakland is back and doing his thing and the pitchers there were few surprises. Nate Pearson of Toronto has been one of the bigger surprises there as well. The number two pitcher in wins above replacement. This is through about twenty games per team the array leaders called Freelance Colorado. Which may be pitching only on the road by the way for. Stilo number four. Dra They're Kyle. Don't WanNa talk about that. We're not talking about the simulation it's not actually happening of course not but the number two pitcher in wins above replacement is a guy who I know. You talked to in spring training before all this disaster Mike Sirocco of the braves who I have on a team and I know you know world wealth from playing and fantasy in Sim as well. Great see the last year but the did not match the A two CD array with a three eighty five expert and the strikeout rate was low surly compared to what everybody else is doing. So tell us what you talked to Saroka about. Did you learn anything? And would you invest in him in fantasy.

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