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Always greener when you take care of it with Vin Track and Howard Brothers 10 minutes after a today and 5 15 FM, one of 2.9 wdun interesting situation with our weather right now, Winter weather warning in effect for the North Georgia Mountains that does include Salonica and the Cleveland areas. Let's take a closer look now. Here's John Weatherby. Another chance of wintry precipitation with this next approaching system, no problems today. Partly sunny, gusty east winds 40% chance of late afternoon showers. 47 tonight rain showers Then after three rain and snow showers, little or no snow accumulation expected with our gusty East wins because it'll lead to warm 35 but above 2000 ft. North Georgia Mountains, Maybe 1 to 2 inches of heavy, wet snow, then rain and snow showers. First thing tomorrow morning from the Access Wdun Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Jump. Weatherby. They began to see where we are breezes picking up now between seven and nine miles an hour as we move into the morning hours, 73% humidity and the sun shines gonna be with us until 5 41, although the clouds will start to thicken before then. Checking out what's going on around the North Georgia area this morning Dawsonville starting your day at 34 degrees, Let's swing over and see what's going on and heart will is the day begins. I haven't changed a whole lot since we came on the air this morning. There's still a 34. Gainesville just a little warmer. Our morning low. We're at 35 North Georgia's news tongue. W Do you in this'll look at traffic is brought to you by good nutrition and roads are looking pretty clear now as we start to move through the drive that accident scene on 9 85 North band just north of Camel Road, no longer causing any delays..

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