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But where did you find anybody scan. I'm feeling lisa but definitely feeling the thought you can heavier role just feel tired expected three hours of city and actually feeling very much the same feelings or the beginning that nostalgia gratitude sadness making the most of it. But i feel the same way with where i'm from in england and albans. I really took for granted. I wonder if it's you have to take you live for what it is until you. You know what you've got thirty minute group. Let's walk if you're earning forty five or sixty can keep going. I'm going to do a few strides and a few minutes. We'll give you just a moment to get your breath back looking to do to strides so this is the first together on you've done. What astrid as they claim. It's picking up. You're gonna start running. Continue running and run at about eighty percent of what is like no outsprint said only gonna run about ten seconds and this isn't supposed to be serious thing you have to get ready for just like essentially stretching out the legs and giving you buddy of a change of pace like shake up but got to one to be that you stride out speaking big long steps you just supposed to be actually moving faster so taking more steps increasing cadence and with that you will move forward faster and do strike ready in three two one joke going to continue running in the human at group. Take a walk. Just take him to get a brushback. Have a stitch not fun. And i should say going downhill. A hill doesn't really matter. If you have the option to choose to go up down even feels way you risk especially used to this of extending your body giving it kind of impact that you can pay. The price will enter. I mean do you. Ten seconds probably wouldn't make a difference. But still i would probably pick up hill rather than down ready. We're gonna go again three and one to walk in the forty five o beyond keep running slowly when you feel ready transition back into running pace vindicated jokes for a few seconds to get yourself breathing back under control and a few in the thirty minute group. Thank you for joining me. I appreciate you being. Tlc use cortina. Get yourself fifteen. Central florida twenty percent of a subscription and. Yeah thank you so much. See you next monday for another. And if you wanna tune in with forty five or even the sixty minute group and continue the walk or something. We'd love to have you right so actually last week together on david keith. Give me the feedback on. Can we have david do more. Maybe we can have other people. Do i mean maybe that would be a cool thing to do with the community. Actually thinking of a way we can take this. Maybe off my podcast feed. I'm pretty on something else. I mean i had twenty thousand dollars to make up. Probably do that. Except i so i'm trying to think of another way. It did pitch it to ten percent happier bay declined but jeff warren who is a previous podcast guest and one of the top meditators on ten percent happier said his gear down to not too upset about it still rejected nice things right and continue on with memory oaks. This point where. I'm at now. It's kind of turn around and i'm gonna turning around i'm gonna turn to the right back to where came from on a real trail fast and less. I mean obviously it does have an fuse. Endless john many many many many many workouts on it including a lot when i was running as a marathoner. Come back here for a few weeks time stephen. I would eyelid and he would buy hung next to me so long. Runs finishing rolling along this row. Throw this author has a ton of memories as do the trails that run alongside have enough miles right now to go in there but there's actually a lot of trails exhibition river walk. I went in a few times so sad. Actually this such a beautiful spot. I'm going to take picture what you to do the same wherever you are. I'm to see if i can do. This might pause my recording. We'll just start again if that's the case so take a picture. Oh my go to see a deer. This is perfect. Take a picture right now. Where are you wanna see..

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