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This week on happy second fused williecollins on ruling all of media with two films a tv series and a book and then there's little will me on joshhorowitz just the host of a little podcast is no business being the terror seriously she just totally outmatched me outgunned me in everything meanwhile having cool perrine from brie people on the work accomplished me the bars obviously very low but still is a good bunches goodwinwilliecollins is a good one she's a good egg as they say this still say that they're gonna bring back um she's got a lot talked about and we covered all in this week's show by the way that sammy in case you have to apply for that's not my alternative iverson our differences energy sounds let's not uh so we have just returned from the four th of jowa rail link east of hot dog dog remnants all over to re usual ray way i roll though his breakfast yepzaghlul uh i got did you see any fireworks nothey used to be on the west side nearly moved into the east side and eurowest animal west side girls right in any right i watched him on tv and asked me day did you see any fireworks totally natural i did actually sammy really lawyers i was flying i was in the air 3rd wing through space and time to return for this podcast intro where where you i was visiting um some family and friends in the dcvirginia area new flew flew back from dulles we decided it was actually cheaper than a train well yeah i was gonna make funny but sometimes it will at amtrak especially in holiday weekend we trained it out we trained it out and flew and by the way whoever was all my trained that that that noticed me i saw your tweet anydid you just not respond to it or not to do in that circumstance so he saw it but he purposefully didn't fruits fun to if they enjoy my worth the pros in this podcast so now i want to clearly are just say i didn't know what to do in that situation because i know like re behind me of next to me i don't know i don't wanna michael thing of it.

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