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It continues this week with an episode from politics and polls a podcast. That's produced by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and international affairs at Princeton University shows was hosted by Sam long and Julian villas her two professors there. This episode is all about blue state federalism. If you recall our episode with Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro from last year <hes> a lot of the concepts discussed here <hes> my ring true from that conversation <hes> this is a more theoretical look at some of the things that Josh Shapiro and several other state attorneys general are practicing on the ground every day. It is a discussion with Daniel Hamill who is an assistant professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School and they talk about the ways that federalism <hes> is being used by in this case <hes> blue states or progressive of states to advance policies or in some cases blocked policies <hes> when Republicans are in control of the federal government they hearken back to the famous Louis Brandeis quotes as states as laboratories of democracy and I think this conversation as well as our conversation with Josh Shapiro shows that that spirit is alive and well in Pennsylvania and across the country so again thank you for tuning in during our summer break and we hope you enjoyed this episode of politics and polls.

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