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I guess i'll just have to watch it again but i also love major league because i have a soft spot for baseball movies and that was probably one of the first baseball movies that i've ever watched as weird as that might be no it's yeah it's a fantastic movie and you get two good ones yeah that's the thing it's probably i believe i said earlier it's the fourth best sequel of all time i mean you got what does it godfather is up there rocky and deadpool yeah and wouldn't baywatch has a sequel heil of that move actually live that movie major league i don't feel like it has everything has comedy has the charlie underdog as wesley snipes before blade before yet weird yeah after that it kind of the catcher j got rough with great jake taylor jake taylor with no knees la woman run to first base yes the american spirit bone on bone brewing got ligaments no just he needed screaming at east he needed to get on that joined element treatment just some number three i'm up i'm going again with the baseball movie is this a football podcast i don't even know but i'm going with bull durham love that movie gives you the feel of what it's like to be in the minor leagues maybe you're an old catcher or maybe he just have kevin costner in your movies i'm gonna love it if he's there i'm going bold maybe you're a young guy control issues.

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