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Bring us home us home so this last bit is just a little bit of information about the liberty bell sent her. Should you want to visit. Which i do i do too i do too so this is coming from the national park service. The liberty bell center is located at five to six market street visitors exit from the south end of the building near chestnut street. It's open daily for including that. So they know where their exit sally's please follow the path guys exit in from the south end of the building. I couldn't find the south end of anything. Cardinal directions do nothing for me. It is true. Like i get chestnut street. I've been on chestnut street. I get like. I can find chestnut street this south end of the building. How do i know where chestnut street is. When i'm inside the building. Yeah no not come this. This is not helpful national parks. It's open daily from nine to five pm back different now because of covance we might be day that yes it. My wife signed. Check the website although this is the national park service and as of like halloween twenty twenty. That was what they were telling people. So check it. Love check it keep. It updated the security screening. Area closes five minutes before the building closes. So like they're gonna lose out. Yeah it's open from eleven to four pm on giving which is so interesting to me. I know it's open from nine to three on christmas. Eve closed on christmas day in k. It's free love. No tickets are required. Entrances on a first-come-first-served basis capacity is limited to twenty people at a time. So you know she shot. Go shoot your shot you you shoot your shot. You will go. Obviously when it's safe to go and we'll see her and be like wow there she is. There's that crack wonder where it's from one win. It happened when it happened. If only she could talk. If only the tales that she would tell tales you ital- should be like yo. It was chief justice. John marshall birthday or death and we'd all gasp pearls yet. 'cause that's kind of the dark horse in this race. I think like of all the ones. I'm just like okay. Yeah okay yeah. Maybe was chief justice. John marshall maybe it was. Maybe who's to say it's a mystery that will remain in this nation's her story debtor are harper you guys. That is our episode on the liberty. Bell herself herself. We hope it distracted you from whatever. Yeah are distracted. You from whatever just occurred. Couldn't tell you what that is. Oh we hope that this brought you some joy and reprieve from truly yesterday and probably this morning and this morning and probably the rest of this week. Yes who's to say yes we can just say that we are proud of you for voting and getting involved and whatever happens like the liberty bell we just keep recasting ourselves until somebody retires us into a line. Okay deal done deal deal in the meantime if you like what you heard. You can find us on twitter and instagram. at let's get cynical. You can rate us. You can review us. You can subscribe it to us. We love you so much. We will see you next wednesday goodbye. This is wendy. morrow no idea what they. It is no concept of time along but in this house too long to. I'm set up in the central room at the bottom of the stairs around me as doors. Firmly shut no way in or out. Without my knowledge it calms me to keep watch over these stores to know that they are not opening while i'm in another room to have a tendency to that you know you aren't looking.

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