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They live in gentleman I've got to change it this is a non violent protests if you could not be non violent don't get it because I had to go five miles out of my way to get to work this morning because the National Guard I had to go to the grocery store at twelve noon because it closed at one o'clock and they put the national guardian for African Americans you know you've got that yesterday was the first of the month and many more the grandmother the father the father more than do their shopping and all of these things on the first of the month so hold your cell destroying personal property L. we shall all very low how many people have died from carbon I think that's how how many livelihood are being destroyed because good based on not just the people of color in spite of beginners well I'll put you through yeah I'm not for I don't know what will happen you know whatever have you all right I think the truth yeah it is perception based I am a human being I deserve to be treated as such and if you don't think I deserve to be treated that's your problem but don't mistreat I don't mistreat me don't take a position of authority like a police officer and attorney a judge don't be in a position of power to hire and fire people less loopholes people out just because they're your friends that means that they're right all of St this is not about this this is a dark will probably dark Monday said they were fighting to get we're fighting against this thing and that's how we have to attack it was white we cannot attack darkness with darkness yeah very well said Derek can please don't be a stranger to the shell love your perspective and please stay safe okay yes you too god bless all right great stuff from Derek fault lines are Hoppin three one two three three two three seven seven six right back you're listening cabin company yes one thousand our schools Carmen and your co riches in downers Grove I have a lot of sympathy and empathy thirty foreigners who were on the brink of leaving their business into now I'm afraid that this is gonna put him right over the edge Cameron's Delphi Indiana the most chilling playing smartphone with a lot of years ago that fit the cops may not protect well we can because of the body Harding and south side which also what I would okay the listeners to do it don't get the protesters views with the writing a little they are not one in the state yeah let me be blended to diminish the call to action.

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