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Of leather. And I guess that's leather. I don't know what the material and a baseball is the seem had come loose. And it wasn't the ball inside. It was the leather around the outside. So we took her to this was two to three years ago. Took it to our veterinarian, Dr Rosser who is Danielle rauscher's is the best veterinarian and Orrin in orange in Houston. She's fantastic. As she said look at her age. If I go in I'm gonna kill her going and trying to take this thing out. Our best bet is to hope she passes it. But to tell you, the com- completely honest truth. I don't think she will. So she said we'll know within three days two and a half days that night, we laid down with my wife, and I said goodbye to her because the next morning we're gonna have to put her down because she could pass this thing out. And we're just beside ourselves. Sad. The next morning there. You have it. We had a little surprise. She pooped out the leather ball. My veterinarian could not believe it that she had done this. She said every day from here is stolen. She never should have survived. This. She was skunked twice. She was bitten by a snake one time and the side of her mouth was hanging down like a Basset hound off the side of her which wasn't going to kill her. But still scared us she was attacked by. Dog at one point that split or gut wide open and part of her gusts were hanging out. She had to be stitched back up. We didn't know she'd make it from that either. And she just kept on the day before she passed, which I guess was Tuesday or Wednesday. She got into where she couldn't use her back legs. And so my wife wouldn't give up on her because she said I can't put her down because she's still breathing. Well, she's she has faculties. I don't want to give her up. So my wife ordered a wheelchair that was one of these like a Walker wheelchair. You put on the back, and you'd strap her in and then she can use her front legs, and she can Wheeler self around. Well, the wheelchair arrived today. So you can imagine what the mood is in the house because Lila's not here, and there was her wheelchair. My wife was lovingly pudding. Diapers honor every day because she couldn't control her bladder anymore. But anyway, she called me when we finished a show on Wednesday eleven and she said, she says there any way you can get home. If you wanna see lolly one more time, you gotta come now. So I went and when I came in. She says she just barely breathing. I went over, and I put my arms up underneath there. And I loved on her bat a minute. And she just breathed their last breath, and it was beautiful thing. So with that. I'm not crying.

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