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Newsome added hospitalizations and I see you've continued to rise, albeit at a slower pace, which only reinforces the seriousness of this moment and the importance Of taking a personal responsibility. We all must practice. Uh, the physical distancing do our activities outdoors much We can, uh and obviously where face coverings. Newsome said the state will keep working on adding there should be a national according to testing and contact tracing program that will help speed up the flattening of the curve. Gabe Lewis KOGO News. San Diego is one of 33 counties on the state Watch list because there are more than 100 cases per 100,000 people. The positive test raised 6% both the latest daily number and the rolling 14 day average. The virus is still widespread in our community, with the actions taken over the past two weeks, and with your help, we expect that these cases will decrease we can get through the pandemic, but it really requires that we all do our part in Together. We employ you to not wait for someone you care about to lose their fight against covert 19 before you take action Doctor Wilmut, the public health officer, saying San Diego is still in the state Watch list because there are 145 cases 100,000 people and the county is also still aboutthe local trigger of 16 community outbreaks and rolling seven day period. Chakra Kogo news and coming up. It's 7 11 this morning will be talking to county Supervisor Nathan Fletcher about the latest numbers. Johns Hopkins University says the U. S. Has seen more than 140,000 deaths for uncovered, 19 in most states are seeing the spikes. Brian Janus has more. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is conceding that they reopen this city too.

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