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Appearance tomorrow in court. Nurses and staff at a local hospital where 45 people have tested positive for Corona virus say their employer has failed to protect them. Calls Ryan Harris has their claim. The workers at ST Michael Hospital in Bremerton say they have to reuse broken tape repaired, pp that they have to keep working for days before they get their covert test results, even though they could be sick. And that they're not told when there's an infection or an exposure. They say That's what allowed the virus to spread Sarah chair and with the United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 21 listed their members demands. All workers should be getting their test results 24 to 48 hours We want eight hour notification of potential exposure, as outlined in the existing code agreement paid administrative leave until we get our results. We want to maintain safe staffing levels, adequate pp. For all workers. ST Michael operator Ch. I Franciscan says it has a good stock of Papeete. And did it. Make sure every staff member has the peopie they need and that it follows an established process for notifying employees about identified exposures. Ryan Harris camo new stylish counties. Covert 19 infection rate has been on a steady decline now at 60 per 100,000 people for the past two weeks. That's within the range County health officer, Dr Chris Spitters says school administrators could start thinking about layering in which kids would benefit most from in person learning means as well as the other Children feasible, and then, as you come down, you can look more going up th S Butters says. If they started to see virus activity in schools, the pullback would likely be more focused on individual classrooms. Our school's rather than wider returns to remote learning. Snohomish County is still seeing younger age groups leading the way with new infections. But Dr Spitter says all age groups are in a downward trend. The 74 new cases of Corona virus have been confirmed in Grays Harbor County. Over the last week. At least half of those cases have been linked covert 19 outbreaks of two separate businesses. Neither business has been identified with. The Health Department says it is working with both to stop any further spread of the illness. The spread of Corona virus is slowing. In Watkins County Health Private director Erica Lautenberg says Case rate is now 33 per 100,000 earlier in the summer. It was 90 per 100,000, She warns. People not just ease up on taking precautions. Being certain about this process since February is the uncertainty and we continue to try Tio Lies the data and understand more so we can continue to have a handle on this disease state goes to have a case rate of fewer than 25 per 100,000 the previous two weeks. Out of Puget Sound region come back from the worst economic, social and health crisis we've ever seen. Carlos Romero has more on which factors experts are watching to track. Our progress topic is huge economic recovery from the pandemic experts in commercial and home real estate and long range trends weighed in. Economist Matthew Gardner with Windemere says. We are doing better than other parts of the country we have here in Seattle. I suppose too many other markets even Cy, California, and certainly the South. Most of us are behaving I understand the fact that we need to embrace social distancing we need to embrace lost wearing He names the neighborhood of Capitol Hill as a disadvantage, referring to the social unrest that's made national news and affected how Seattle is perceived across the country. Gardener says he'll be watching two industries in particular retail and restaurants because they can affect where people choose to live and work. See Romero come on news news time 9 10 and for the Cuomos Sports desk for right now. In San Diego, Top of the ninth Mariners lead the Padres 8 to 3 W. N B a action in Florida. The storm beat the Indiana Fever 87 to 74. Come was built Sports is Rookie of the year Candidates are featured in this EMS Padres game. This series between the Mariners and Padres should be quite entertaining as San Diego features NL Rookie of the year candidate, 21 Year old shortstop Fernando Te T's junior Seattle Center field, where Kyle Lewis had a very productive first half of the shortened season. He has tied or leads all MLB rookies and several categories. Including home runs are be eyes and batting average, A concerning site for the Seahawks training camp. Probable safety Jamal Adams with the club rap on his left hand, he did practice The Arizona Cardinals give the former Washington husky in Bellevue High School Safety Buddha Bakery, four year $59 million contract extension. How does he plan to spend some of that hard earned cash? Mom, you nose single Mom. Having four kids is his was very hard for her and for me to be in this position that I am today to be able to help her. Is, you know, utmost special and the Seattle Sounders returned to the road for a Wednesday night soccer match against the Galaxy Sports UPDATES in 10 and 40 after the hour Bill Swartz Comeau News Progressive presents the sounds of the old World thie years 2019.

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