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I very happy new year to you. Welcome along to the first rice in post football post cost of twenty nine. Very welcome on Bruce Winnington and this week I'm joined by Langdon and lymph in from the racing post foot with desk is FA Cup. We can we will become through the best outright beds and looking at all the value wagering propositions for my plethora of live gains on BT and on BBC the plus all the rest of the weekend football from around the continent and the lower leagues and also we will give you some outright fancies on who's gonna win the Cup. But we have to start over with the blockbuster the biggest Thursday night game ever staged in England. I should imagine these man city versus Liverpool tonight at eight PM. It's going to be a really really crucial gaming turn to deciding who wins the title potty power. We don't have anyone from Patty pound sites. Best sickness in the Cam get also nights you'll be back next week. But. I'm going to be the Patty Powell rep as well as your host. They bet evens man city eleven to four the drawer. It's five to to live upon. I've got tell you this. I cannot remember game which are find so difficult to predict both in terms of who's going to score the goals. And how many of is going to be the reverse was Neil nil. This could be full full Donna who's going to win. It's gimme gimme some how existing stand is a game to watch and save Robin bell on. Yeah. I think is down to the facts as whoa. The in Liverpool. Do they say this is the free hit an opportunity to so white man see out of the race all they conservative trying to just keep them alms Leonard because of coaching the lead of of seven points. He's he's more than enough. Really? But ten points couldn't see the. I mean, I mean, I I spoke to somebody yesterday said that's limit for about one to seven if they win the game. So really interesting from that point to phrase quad gamblers Neal is but in the champions. League. And this is my oil I'm leading to Mansi to win the game in the Champions League in the big away games. So far Liverpool of really disappointed one. Sean target in total away to Parsons around Napoli when they left but lost both games that Sean saw it was a penalty from James mooner. It wasn't Liverpool that we kind of seen over the last couple of years. So there was a conservative approach may be was bit concerned by the talking qualities of those two teams. And he was thinking the game Anfield is a lot respect shown. So I'm expecting it to be really high scoring unless there's an early gore early. Go can flow the whole thing. What ovum sick leave Liverpool get it? But for my point of view on would Batman city around about evens to be anybody at home, and I include liver for nothing as club said Nancy the best team in the world. And I don't think we can be too much by recent results in order those defeats the opponents Chelsea Chris Paterson Lester scored with their first short in two of those. I mean the goal from Andros Townsend Ricardo Pereira call do much about that as a defensive unit. I mean Debroy if he comes back improves the massively emit field. Aquarius back. He missed the Chelsea game for Antena further Denia is back as well. I just think that even money I'd rather be on city. And I think that cities minds a focused. They know what they're doing this game live. We'll get caught in two minds as to whether to play their normal game will be a little bit defensive that. I'm not sure that would suit them as we saw in the Champions League. So man city for me in what should be a great game. What's the school on to me to one to one? Liam what you make of this one. Completely agree. What Mark said really guy Manchester City to win and under free point five goals, which is pretty about general twenty one to ten I was finding we expected goals when they met earlier this season because it was such a high scoring fixture loss campaign of say as we know that ended goalless red Mars Mr. challenge to actually give not just the winning that game..

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