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I'm deb lawler top stories now playrooms filled with crying preschool age children in crisis that's how officials described three rio grande valley shelters where young immigrant children are being kept after being forcibly separated from their parents at the southern border since the white house announced its zero tolerance policy in may more than twenty three hundred immigrant children have been taken to such shelters in foxborough a car was literally split in half after crashing into a telephone pole on cedar street the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries in other news disciplinary proceedings continue against the exskipper of a us navy destroyer that collided with a tanker vessel the commanding officer of the uss fitzgerald will be headed to a general court martial for last year's deadly collision that killed seven taylor's commander bryce benson waived his right to a preliminary court hearing because he wanted to defend himself at trial benson is charged with negligent their relation of duty and negligent hazarding a vessel no date has been set for benson's court martial louis martinez abc news the pentagon a gloucester fisherman is injured after being struck by a cable while setting a lobster trap firefighters bordered a coastguard vessel to rescue the victim offshore the man suffered a leg injury and was transported to a local hospital his injuries are not believed to be lifethreatening the national weather service confirms to tornadoes touched down in new hampshire's white mountains monday the twisters form during the afternoon in the midst of three tornado warnings being issued in the northern part of the granite state over a ninety minute stretch new hampshire on average experiences only one tornado a year middle school students in ashland get a whiff of history and thankfully not jim close after a locker is unsealed after twenty five years wbz's bernice corpuz reports number one thirty is not like any storage space at david mendez school in fact it has its own plaque which says it contains the year of nineteen ninetythree sean thorpe decided to turn the locker into a time capsule that year and he stuffed it with a number of published materials including newspapers copies of sports illustrated and even a catalogue from jc penney my prediction was we'd be flying to this event to open it up in our like jetsons flying cars or something and that didn't happen the locker was unsealed monday in front of students who have never seen a catalog in their lives flipping through the jc penney catalog the early nineties we're in an era of high fashion for sure in boston bernice corpuz wbz newsradio ten thirty and canada becomes the second country in the world to make marijuana legal nationwide if the senate gave final passage yesterday to the government's bill to legalize recreational cannabis prime minister justin trudeau had hoped to make pot legal by july first but provincial and territorial governments will need eight to twelve weeks publish regulations here in the us nine states including massachusetts and the district of columbia now allow for recreational marijuana use and thirty allow it for medical use a critical weather alerts report.

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