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West of woman pleads guilty to pushing a sixteen year old friend from abridge at a popular swimming area near Vancouver, Washington, KOA MTV's, Dan tilk in reports. It's been seven months ready. Since Jordan Hogson plunged sixty feet from the molten falls bridge in the video went viral, the friend who shoved her admitted it was criminal. Now nineteen Taylor. Smith says she's guilty of reckless endangerment under the Clark county. Prosecutors recommended sensing she won't have to go to jail. They think she deserves house arrest. We're crew and community service Republican congressman Devin Nunes of California suing Twitter and several of its users for more than two hundred fifty million dollars. The former head of the house intelligence committee accuses them of defamation and negligence. Asian financial markets still mix US market futures are up. Tom Foty, CBS news. This is KYW NewsRadio. Good morning. I'm Jay Scott. Smith just months after New Jersey's new ghost gun law took whole banning untraceable weapons built from online kits. The first arrests have been made twelve men were charged in connection with what officials call operation stonewall. Here's more from KYWZ Steve tower in Camden, New Jersey, attorney general bear gray wall says they took down a narcotics and weapons trafficking. Ring that was dealing and ghost gun. AR? Fifteen assault rifles. They offer criminals convicted felons terrorists domestic abusers people who we all agree shouldn't own firearms. The ability to access that four are charged with conspiring.

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