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Really well thought well-thought-out remove qualifying from all we can except for race one. This will save tires and money for the teams. Maybe two practices on the Saturday and no more Friday race. One is the second step for only the first race of the year. Have it all the same using qualifying to make up the grid order, and then three once the drivers start earning? Points after the first race use the points to determine the grid start for the remaining races. But in reverse order Hamilton twenty five points. We'll start twentieth race to eighteen points. We'll start nineteen to follow the only issue is when drivers are tied in the standings and where do they place on the grid right now? Six seven eight all tied with thirteen points going into Monica, but yet are place in that order. Okay. Maybe just go with that. Anyway, he thinks this, would you know what he's trying to do? Obviously is juggled the starting field here. I mean, there's all kinds of different ways that we've seen racing sanctioning bodies do things being trans to have the, the inverted five where they would take the top five including the pole sitter, and you, you, you work. Your guts out to get the poll, then they flip you down. You start fifth and the fifth place. Qualifier starts on the pole. There's a reason why Ron fellas and I used to call the perverted five because that's what it was. It wasn't a very good idea. Now, you know, and but Christian here how has some, some good ideas. And I know that they are every once in a while talking about how to change. The process of qualifying and, you know, yeah, reducing costs by having less runs. Less practice the you know the way they break through the qualifying down. It's not a bad idea. But I don't know Christian if they would be willing to go completely away, as I think you're missive here looks at it. I think that they would want to stay a little bit closer to what they have now, whether, I think, Christians idea as a say, it's very elaborate, it's very detailed and very well thought out. But I'm thinking, you know, one the way they've got it now, I think they may tweak it, but I don't know whether they would be willing to adopt anything, this radical, and I don't know whether radical is the right word, but look at it this way, the teams in the drivers in the and the organizations that they have they're always looking at ways of, of trying to make it better. You know, I, I know what you're trying to do. You've got Mercedes and Ferrari at the top, and then you've got red bull in there and, you know, we getting maybe some of the, the. Other teams involved at the top with Mick the racing better in theory, I suppose you're right. But again, you know, maybe just sort of put this aside and maybe on the back burner. But I really would kind of doubt that f one would would go radically away from the where the way they're doing it now. And of course, the argument on the other side, is that if you if you reduce anything that's on track that the fans get jumpy, and then the sponsors on the side of the race cars, get jumping because they're not getting the exposure that they need for full value for the sponsorship packages, and that is, what really drives, most of the decisions is it good for the sponsors. Because the sponsors on the side of those cars that fund those teams to the tune of billions of dollars every year, ultimately have the final decision on what form of on-track activity, you have to make sure that the sponsors, get the exposure that they need to make their packages viable understand what I mean. Anyway, Christian, thanks so much for your note, being the man that you are enlisting on the podcast on sports net five ninety two fan in. Motto Senator contest entries us Eric race line radio dot CA to connect the trivia question of the twenty nine nineteen Subaru WRX STI RPM the peak RPM wins in a cheap to the three hundred ten horsepower, turbocharged boxer engine..

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