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Mention about the lighting had gone six straight games entering that game. Not scoring the first goal. They'd had to chase a lot of the game, A T end of the island or Siri's, and then coming into the Dallas Siri's. They've been chasing a lot of not playing with the lead like they had earlier this postseason. So I think that kind of allowed everybody to just kind of breathe a sigh of relief that they got rid of both of those dubious stats on that one power play goal, and then you just saw them roll right after that, they got another power play. Again, the spacing getting guys stretched out. And then you have the fake shot from headmen. At the point he was able to slip it over to Kuchar off who faked his own shot, which got the Stars penalty kill scrambling again. And then again that open seam for the other side of the ice for Andre Pollak, who was wide open and it's a really good job. I plot to kind of gather hot past there from Kuchar off and couldn't really one touch there one time now. What if it had Settle it down and it was able to still, you know, put it past to Dover while he was scrambling to get back, But you really see the saw the power play, and it's most dynamic and those two situations. Another guy that could make that power play really, really good eyes. If Steven Stamkos is able to come back, they really missed him in that left circle on the power play. They've missed some amongst their forward group. They haven't really missed his leadership because he's been there. The captain has been in the bubble with the gang throughout this postseason on a lot of the guys have talked about, even if he's not out of the ice. Just how big of a leader hey is in the locker room and just bringing everybody together. John Cooper said earlier today was asked if he would be available for Game three. If he would take warmups. Kind of tiptoed around the question and just sat is inching closer, which is what he told us the other day, so no riel. News there so to speak, But it does seem like Kaylie that we're probably going to see Steven Stamkos here really soon. It could be as early as today. It could be in the back to back so it's a difficult situation to get all men when you got three games in the next four days, if there's something that could still be ailing him, I don't know that you would want to put him in in the front half of a back to back and then have him play 24 hours after that, That would be a really tough ask for a guy coming off an injury. Yeah, I guessed wrong on game, Teo. I thought maybe that was the opportunity that he'll go in for because the team's coming off a loss in Game one. And what better way to kind of provide a spark? Then put Steven Stamkos back on the ice and maybe a little bit more limited. For all that even strengthened. He probably is the biggest threat like we've talked about on the power play. He's been, you know, on the ice, working on the power play and kind of doing what he normally does. With Nikita Kucherov after so I'm sure if there's one thing that he's focused on, too if if and when maybe he gets into the lineup, it's being able to be a huge asset in that regard. So If they go 12 and six. Maybe it's great. We heard John Cooper talked about this morning. The importance of you know, giving some of their forwards maybe a little bit of added rest getting the extra forward in there because they played a lot of heavy minutes. You know, when you played that Siri's against the Islanders, there was one goal games and that weighs on you overtime in a longer Siri's, especially since it took him to game six to close that one out, so their forward certainly felt it. We saw that in Game one against the stars and They changed things up. It worked out well for them. They came out with a much greater sense of urgency and looked a lot better from the first period. I thought in Game two, but I think if they get Steven Stamkos, it's great. You know, I don't know who comes out of the lineup for whose minutes he's taking. But if you go 12 and six, you know he has the opportunity. Then Teo. Maybe just cycle in and gets, um, shifts on that top line and then play the power play of very able to get some because Dallas took a lot of careless penalties. I thought that cost them the game. Almost. You could say in the first period of game too. Yeah, if they continue to go, 12 6, and I think it's pretty easy. You just take out Carter for Hagee. You can put Stamkos and then the situation becomes like, Where does he go to you? I don't know that you really want to put him on the top line with the way that group is flying right now, You definitely don't want to do anything with the third line with the way that group's plants and maybe try to slaughter him in on the second line. Or even the fourth line Wherever Hagee would normally go, you would have maroon and park out there to protect them a little bit, so it'll be interesting to see where he does go once he gets into the line up, But then you have her Hagy and Mitchell Stevens. They're kind of waiting on the bench in case something does happen or another guy goes down. You've got that depth waiting and reserve to come in. We'll see here shortly whether Stamkos is on the ice for warm ups. Catch. The morning skate show presented by Tampa General Hospital is Rick.

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