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Eight zero thirteen ninety two we're back i'm sam cedar right now i'm talking with mike konczal about his piece in medium why are there no good conservative critiques of trump's unified government so mike when we broke we were talking about what was happening on the broad left in the democratic party in the year two thousand nine and two thousand ten when barack obama when the democrats had more or less unified control of the government when barack obama was starting his policies and there was a lot of debate there was a lot of debate about what policy should work there was a lot of debate as to whether or not obama had the administration had done the right moves there was a lot of debate about about whole host of things and you've written a piece talking about the server marked lack of that on the right right now we have never never trumpers as you say put from policy standpoint is it that there there's total agreement or is it that nobody seems to care so i was wondering missing a point here but i've had a lot of conservatives right me and say that i was on the right point here and the quick quick scratch test for your audience is think of how many conservatives just complain about teenagers instead of really debate you watching fox news on common chris hayes and i was watching fox news.

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