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This transforms the motorcity into Detroit city of champion. And we're off yet again Detroit. City of Champions, I'm Jamie Flanagan, Charles Avis and Charles I. Just want to thank you for taking the time and doing this. This was my crazy idea, but your amazing information. This trilogy of Books Detroit City of Champions, and again I'm not trying to make an infomercial about the books go by. I want to. Thank you Jamie because it's not to do it, and then when you guys have awesome studio here. You know it's it's. It's like you know I appreciate the opportunity because it's one of the it really is one of the first that I've had to really bring this thing out in talk about you know. Dive deeper into the story so I thank you and this is what we're doing. We're just talking about it, and and we're just because you are just as wealth of information and knowledge, combined how many pages between the three books in the screenplay pages? Are there. There's about A. Thousand I'd say I'd say I'd say yeah I'd say two thousand seven years of research and just facts upon facts and photos and letters, articles and things. You've gone through, and we're not. We're not working off a notes. We're just working out of your brain here and cause. You were like really upset before we got going. Yeah I, Miss that misquoted something. Do what what what what? What did you say well? Well, it's like so the I forgot if it was episode one or two, but I said that the that I said that the the the Lions won two championships in the nineteen fifties, and at the Red Wings at one three, actually three and four read the Lions at one three championships, or at one four around, so it was like you know it's one of those things like you know. I I, if I make a mistake somewhere like that words, fanatics are gonNA. Shake absolutely you know. Should they? Should they, and so yeah I mean so we get something again. We're just have a conversation, and and and you know you're not reading all the books I. Know, but it's crazy, because I've said that got. The Art shows in some a million times and I was listening to. Listen to the show. I go do that. My God like I can't even believe it I mean it's almost automatic I've said it so many. Yeah, it was. It was a glaring error in Seoul are I know it's I. I admit my mistakes and things like that pop up. Go to the website. Detroit city of champions, Dot Com and said Ali complaints there Charles is just dying here. Tell US how wrong we Do, but if I see something I've i. I have no problem so we'll say we might circle back in because again we're not. Just you're just telling me these stories and so Yeah! If we fumble on a fact, you know, and we catch it later or somebody. Help US catch it. I mean I'm all about learning to. Learning grown from his own stories I've seen other perspectives on different things and kind of you know just a minute I. Think really that's a lot of things about life to is like being open to. You know if you're wrong about something and. Only really you know if you're open the possibility just in this with everything. That's the definition of learning like you're not born with knowing everything, so if you you know if you're open to saying you know hey. I see something from a different perspective and I also the way you see something, learn grow, and I think that's really like the definition of learning, but in this case it was already a lesson that I knew. I made a mistake. So we'll catch them. We make Bombo will catch them and correct them and We're here the PODCAST. DETROIT STUDIOS TO PODCAST DETROIT NORTHVILLE and This is a project. These these studios with My My Buddy Mike Powell, Matt. Fox and he's been running the first four things that we've recorded and we've yet to say. Thank you to Matt. A thankless job. I love the story I love the legacy I. Love The history and happy to sit here and just listen with so yeah, Matt. Thanks for helping out and because. Yeah, because we're just trying to catch a story we we talked about. You know Detroit really struggling. It was the depression and just the Tigers had a decent year There's Garwood was doing good in motor sports, and so things around the uptick a little bit, but what really turned things around for the Tigers, you told me? and. That's where we're GONNA. Get into here and episode. Three is genesis the arrival of Mickey Cochran. This is kind the turning point that leads us into nineteen thirty five. If I'm not mistaken, right so Micky Cadran Maki Cochran was like really instrumental in making this tiger team team. Happen the way I'm rocking my tiger. I noticed that. That's an awesome share Hawaiian. Wine with tiger. Yeah but. For people tune it in on facebook or watching it on youtube later. Upgrade, my Tiger, parent, my goal is to wear a Detroit t shirt, every or some sort of Detroit shirt every time. A. Three three. Yeah, yeah, excellent I may have got city champions, shirts, brawl craft uniform for the. We're in but Mickey Mickey Cochran. He was really you know it was the turning point, and just for the for the Tigers would, can you? Can you tell me about Mickey's career? Before will actually wanted to lead his kind of a little bit of a surprise for it, because because every time I've mentioned if the dumpster you get excited as he's got a great name, I love it I love love love. Yeah so and I did too like like I grew up as a kid, just reading newspapers every once in a while back in the back in the late nineties I would see an iffy. The dumpster section in the news into this I always thought it was cool and I. I wonder now. That you know, just look back on that and I wonder if it was somebody writing like you use that that originally the dumpster who was in the twenties and thirties and his name is Malcolm being gay and he was the editor, the Detroit free press and so. And so yeah, so I I wonder if they would kind just conjured that nickname, or whatever, because it was strange for me. Because I remember reading about if he that upset when I was. A kid growing up and then when I was doing the twenties and thirties research you know seeing if adults are all over the place and Oh my God. There's this weird like this you know. Maybe there's like this legacy which I haven't seen it in in recent years, so but anyways, so what I have for you is on the like we've talked about. In previous shows that at the end of nineteen, thirty three right? Hey, the Tigers were like I. Say the situation in Detroit. Detroit was really Garwood was the only really notable sports you know thing going on in the city. and the Tigers were the Tigers were fan favorites, but at this time they were dreadful for for many years in a row. in so I told you call the riot act if he wrote an article in the paper, saying the Tigers are dreadful and they need to do something about it. You know it's time to do something about it, and then that is what what? I don't know if that was the catalyst of what came next with Mickey Cochrane but at the very least it. You know it was big enough that Fred Lieb. Who is probably my favorite sports. Historian wrote about it in the book in his in his. Definitive, Guide and Detroit Tigers, which is an absolute must by the way anybody if his really. Detroit, Tigers Sports is Um. You know in sports history. This the book by Fred. Li just called the Detroit Tigers is an absolute must read it. Early early eighteen hundreds with Detroit based on everything so tremendous read, but anyways so what I have for you is I want to read you just you know if he's article okay. Not Too long I called action from nineteen thirty three, so the idea is got to do it in the old timey voice. But they but anyways, and so it's not that long, but it gives you, but I love it because it really takes you into the mentality of the people before nineteen thirty four. This is at the end of thirty three prior to Mickey Cochrane's arrival and really shows the municipality this so this is so this is fred leaves sort of setting it up, so he says. He says in Detroit was pretty well fed up with that six straight second division club, even usually loyal Malcolm, W gay Iffy Iffy the served by now editor of the trae free press had had his fill, and wrote his own declaration of Independence The free press ran has to column editorial in in Twelve Point Roman type big enough to smack Frank Nathan the owner of the Tigers and anyone else interested right in the face..

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