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More National Guard is expected to be called up military hospital ships are being deployed in field hospitals are on standby the labor department seeing a thousand percent increase in unemployment claims in some areas and as public transit ridership declines bike shops are seeing sales boom it's Thursday March twentieth the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman California governor Gavin Newsom has issued an order directing every state resident to stay home only essential trips outside of permitted nuisance as state residents will need to take new steps to protect themselves from corona virus he's concerned that within eight weeks half of state residents may be infected museum is also asking president trump to deploy the navy hospital ship mercy to Los Angeles and peers Layla funnel has more the governor made the request in a letter saying fifty six percent of California's population could be infected over the next eight weeks that would be more than twenty two million people California's hospitals won't be able to keep up the state has about seventy four thousand hospital beds with projected surge capacity of about eighty eight thousand the letter went on to say the hospital ship will help decompress the health care system so we can provide for both critical care needs like heart attacks strokes car accidents and the rapidly rising number of cook at nineteen cases the father NPR news Los Angeles researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore are tracking the pandemic more than two hundred forty four thousand people worldwide have been diagnosed in the US researchers say more than fourteen thousand cases have been identified at least two hundred five people have died house Democrats are weighing alternate ways to submit their votes during the corona virus outbreak NPR's Claudia chrysalis reports concerns surrounding in person voting of heightened after two members tested positive for the illness forcing a new wave of quarantines dozens of lawmakers are asking house leadership members to consider remote voting as an option California Democrats Katie Porter and Eric Swalwell and Texas Republican van Taylor are spearheading an effort that's drawn more than fifty members urging the rule change Porter says Capitol Hill should follow the same national health guidelines as everyone else Congress should be no exception to that we should leading the way modeling what we're asking other Americans to do house speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's called on the head of the rules committee to explore remote voting and other alternatives cloudy Seles NPR news Washington U. N. secretary general Antonio Guterres is warning that the way countries are dealing with the corona virus pandemic will not solve the scale and complexity of the world crisis Linda Fasulo reports that the U. N. chief made his remarks during a video conference with reporters U. N. secretary general Antonio Guterres has called for a coordinated global response to combatting the corona virus crisis and stressed that millions around the world could die without such an approach could tear says coordinated decisive innovative action from the world's leading economies is required do you and she also made clear that he believes the global recession is near certain as a result of the virus Linda Fasulo reporting from New York you're listening to NPR news from Washington this is WNYC in New York good.

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