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Here's a stat for you five rookies have led their team in scoring and their teams won at least forty five games in nba history bitch every name okay larry bird yes david robinson yes maybe we'll chamberlain yes would put michael jordan in there michael jordan no i don't think they were very good though when they got there when he got they weren't they weren't they weren't landau the the yeah wonderland orlando kareem abduljabbar when he was with on this right right and and and oh man you know no no donovan had donovan mitchell or yes yeah all right right yes and you're right orlando woolridge and reggie theus that was not scaring anyone back when michael jordan was a ricky reggie theus was remember reggie was didn't jordan reggie theus have like a thing like they mike always tried to go after reggie theus i don't know i do not know but reggie theus was a bad boy back in his day especially as you know days he was oh yeah a lot of yeah he was a lot of fun what's what's the first round matchup that you want to see if if this team stay as they are is that what you're saying because there's like a hundred plus scenarios where things can change well obviously golden state and okay see right wouldn't that be a fun match up does he kevin durant go against his former team and you know maybe a light turns on for the fender and they figure out a way to you know play as a unit and i think that would be a fun match up i really wanna see i people going to say on the homer cleveland in indiana indiana has had cleveland's number this year victor ola depot really has put the pacers on their back i think they are playing if as good as anyone in the eastern conference and look i i don't think the pacers can beat cleveland but i sure think it'd be an interesting match especially what happened the last couple of years i mean paul george had a couple of those shots they were close games in the first two games last year versus the cavs.

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