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We, of course, have another bachelorette update. This is going to be the most dramatic season yet Clare Crawley and Chris Harrison were both spotted back on set after hearing that Clare Crawley's was no longer the Bachelorette and Chris Harrison had to quarantine for fourteen days. So why were they seeing back on set? I don't know. You know what I wish. I had the answers zero answers only questions only questions It looks like Chris, back back onset looks like Clare's back on set I I'm not sure what the timeline is like they said Chris Harrison was quarantined for fourteen days but I don't think it's been fourteen days. It's all very it's all very confusing claire did she even ever leave I don't know maybe she never even left. Filming, they had some stuff from the beginning that they need to reshoot was her. Maybe. She's I. There's there's only eight questions. Only, questions possibilities are endless I said that yesterday on the group Chat I said that maybe there were scenes from the beginning that Chris, Harrison and Clare Crawley's needed to reshoot sage like the most likely reason because at this point if Teasha is the new Bachelorette, which I'm sure she is because it's been confirmed why would they need Clare back on set in a beautiful readdress looking absolutely stunning like the Bachelorette if she was not the Bachelorette and as Chris Harrison dotty had the quarantine for fourteen days maybe they just switched it to he had to get tested in that was in if he was negative, he was allowed to come back maybe. He wasn't comfortable with the fact that he wouldn't be there because he's Chris Harrison he's the host of the show and he just can't not be the center of the show I? We got a call Robert Mills up and be like, Yo Bro, what is happening because this show is a disaster right now and I'm all for though like as much as there are so many different rumors and so many different things going around at this point like I, said every single podcast I just need the show to air because whatever it is it's going to be juicy it's going to be dramatic. We don't even know the half of it, I'm sure. I know. Did you see this article also about if So the rumor obviously was that Clare and Dale were communicating before. The. Season started like before they got to this resort they were in communication or talk to whatever. Apparently Dale's sister. Is Denying those claims. Dale mosses sister said quote that's tarnishing my brother's name and its completely false your source for that information is lying i. know that because I spent every day with my brother leading up to production never once did he reach out nor was he ever contacted by Clare? Chelsea said, my brother was extremely adamant about the rules contracts in privacy he had everything to lose nothing to gain by communicating beforehand. So, Michelle money also said that Clare Never spoke to Dell before filming. Michelle, they're our good friends. Either way. Tarnishing his name like who is that upset that they started talking beforehand if that did happen because I well I don't be. Mike I. Think I. Probably Bachelorette purists who would be would be mad about that. True, very good point yet I just old the. Older the trolls of the MOMS who like Sen, tyler? Cameron. Mediums like definitely. True I feel like they're like, yeah that's against the rules even though we've learned at this point, there are no rules. So why are we GONNA get mad if Clare was talking to somebody beforehand especially when you know quarantine happened if you were trying to get ahead and they weren't really. Punishing you for that. Then why wouldn't you? If everyone's denying it maybe they didn't speak beforehand. Maybe they just really fell in love in that short time which once again, find it crazy. But a lot of Graham. Saying if you know Clare then it's not shocking. Yeah Yeah. So we'll see I it's just we're along for this ride I did see that they. Announced dancing with the stars is back on September fourteenth. So. If the Bachelorette could be somewhere around that time. That would be fantastic. I don't know what I will do when the show returns I may streak around my apartment and then jump around on my balcony naked of excitement i. need to do something crazy to show how excited I am for the show I truthfully needed. I know you should So I started that book one to watch and. I. Think you should read it because it is a very good like Bachelorette's substitute right now like I feel like I'm watching the show but I'm just reading it. It's it's literally like the same exact thing the same format. And it has like same. You know similarities and obviously I I don't know if anyone seeing this book is called one to watch and it's about how show like the BACHELORETTE's call main squeeze gets a plus size woman to be the lead on the show. And obviously, that's. That lowe's up initi- is a fashion blogger, and so she already has some fame and then she gets to be quote the main squeeze and I I just started it. I'm loving it. When you know the first page has a quote from William William Shakespeare and a quote from Chris Harrison you know that's going to be a good buck absolutely that sounds like my book I actually ordered it last week when we talked about it so. Raising and yeah, you're right. It sounds like the perfect. It's a good way to like yes. Because we're so deprived and just looking for anything that this is a great way to like try and train. US up some time because I'm hoping with dancing with the stars that September fourteenth and the Bachelorette is somewhere around that time I don't know I hope. If dancing with the stars is on and the Bachelor is not going to watch with the stars. Well, I'm actually GonNa Watch. Get, Anyway So I'm not going to miss that I need. She does a really rooting heart for her like just yeah. That'd be fucking amazing if you want so I'm rooting for that. Exactly. So hopefully, it's around that time and we'll finally get all the answers we've been searching for. God. OFF Gone. By these..

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