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Let's go over to Morgan number two. She's twenty five. So there's a break-up bar pop up. That's happening in Los Angeles for Valentine's Day, really want to go to it. Wait what you do. So what is the break-up or they have like these walls lined with like breakup tags, and they have a screen plane break-up movies on loop. And then they also have drinks that are like break up centered around like one of them is I dealt with your parents for years the other ghosted. That's funny. Yeah. That's funny. Are you still like holding onto your breakout? No, I just like I'm still living in it. I'm still dealing with it. How long ago did you break up with your boyfriend is everything's giving. What do you mean, you're still dealing with it? It's just so like I'm still trying to get through kind of everything that happened with it. Does he still takes you know, we don't talk at all? Is helping whose idea was that. I mean, just kind of both of us to join follow each other on all social media's. Yeah. So bad. Yeah. We don't even know the real story. I mean, which you don't have that's your personal. You don't have to bring out the I didn't realize it was this bad. Like, I thought it was like. Like, he moved in. And you kinda just realize some things about in the you're like like like we can't live together. And then you broke up. When Eddie told me that they were doing a live remote. And he showed up to the remote with flowers. His only way you could get to her. I was like. Assumpta things I'm thinking in my head. I'm trying to get don't don't don't be assigning things. That's all. That's why I said I don't like that. I'm because I don't like assigning things that people that don't even know are you doing the Valentine's Day number two. I have one of my best friends coming in town, and we're doing a whole weekend of her because she broke up with a serious boyfriend. And so it's her and I just weekend gallon tines girls weekend or girls go out for to find guys weekend together, no girls weekend. Like, we're doing fun stuff. We're going to do some fun, workout classes and just kind of go on a little adventure every weekend. What if you meet guides that allowed? Happens it happens. But that's not the point of it. All right. All right. Well, it's called break-up or one of my friends at a on Valentine's night,.

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