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Think that eriksson on the right track we just got to finetune a little bit aren't so i'll do live let's darn gone awry give you have you ever feel my first one is how many times will dili dili be said during the the broadcast did you see hero awkward i said that so is this just so i know is this owl michaels or chris coghlan's worth half to say dili delhi any or your body how at inverse chard of the core of the broadcast so even liam mccue can say yes okay so the are under on their use on the pregame ethics yeah dili dili over unders 12 and a half so that's my number one my number two is color of the liquid thrown on the winning coach here's your options are you writing this stuff down i've written in those two young yes all right mind down all right my down you're right years down wheels right down and then we'll get together at the end um were colored liquid will the coach uh we'll be thrown on the coach clear plus two hundred green slashed yellow plus three hundred red plus five hundred blue plus five hundred orange plus seven fifty no liquid throw that is that plus 1500 so like bill bellichik it's out of their unscathed her peter's a peterson wouldn't get out unscathed i think bella check at the patriots win there's a possibility he gets out there with no liquid thrown that's a good bet so that that one um how many will i'll michaels or chris coghlan's worth say goat plus 360 on yes minus five hundred on no i think it's yes i think they will say that um then here's one that's kinda interesting to me uh will tom brady be wearing a bandage on his right hand and then my last one does that tape count that black faith that he wore in the i think it does is chips shepherd's i think it's us all right so that yeah that will have a lot to do so here's my favor one how many commercials will peyton manning appear in during the broadcast but we know at least one yes over under on that is two.

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