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I'm Stephanie Gaines Bryant thanks being for with us one person is dead after a boat collision in the Chesapeake Bay in Calvert County it happened after 930 Saturday night about two miles off Breezy Point when rescuers arrived they found two people injured one of them was in cardiac arrest and and suffered life -threatening injuries the victims were taken to shore and transferred to an ambulance the victim in cardiac arrest later died the cause of the crash is under investigation of all of the sentences related to the January 6 2021 attack on the US Capitol prosecutors will be seeking the longest punishment for four members of the Proud Boys later this month federal prosecutors are seeking three years in prison for former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and Joseph Biggs for this is conspiracy two others convicted by a jury in May could get 27 years in a sentencing memo prosecutors wrote the foot soldiers of the right aim to keep their leader in power they failed they are not heroes they are criminals the defense has argued they were heeding the call of former President Trump and that one decade behind bars is extreme sentencing is August 29th until now the longest sentence connected to January 6th is 18 years for the founder of the oath Neil Lloyd can stain WTL P news Seattle police say a shooting early Sunday at a hookah lounge in South Seattle left three people dead and six others injured ki ro TVs Deborah horn has more police chief Adrian Diaz says this summer's violence has been so deadly because of the number of guns five guns recovered at this scene a stunning 869 guns recovered so far this year that is a shocking part of this we continue to see victims we continue to see the violence the assets detectives are still trying to figure out what led to violence the here the Rainier hookah lounge may have been closing when the shooting broke out he says it is further evidence that it will take more than officers getting guns off the street to curb the violence the Justice Department has now designated the death of DC police officer Jeffrey Smith as as a line of duty death Smith took his own life after responding to the January 6th Capitol riots in 2021 now to the top stories we're working on at WTOP Southern California is seeing heavy rains from tropical storm Hillary it's the first tropical storm to hit the state in over 80 years keep it here for a full details on the story in the minutes ahead traffic and weather on the 8 to Carlos Ramirez in the WTOP traffic Center thanks Stephanie still dealing with a

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