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Into this you're obviously and i think rightfully so but to me the the cody kenny omega program has been has been even better so so props to both of them with ray mysterious saying that he's he'll still russell in new japan i am curious if that means he might go to japan or whether he'll just do the cop polish show i think a lot of people are suing the latter but i love to see ray at dominion or one of the big showdown japan i think that'd be fun thought or well against the law spray i thought they set up a bunch of matches with pretty well with las bray and marty skirl and juiston ligon ramey stereo so the dow was well done zack sabre junior submitting here she thought it was obvious finished at the tag match and that's what they did i continue to love what they're doing with this axiom virginia ron it's been a lot of fun and i'm very much looking forward to the match this weekend with with sabre and in okada i'd recommend people check out on new japan world and the komeda that with with jay and hangman page they worked so hard and i mean they just they just kill themselves it was a really dangerous match but they got it over by the end so credit to them in pulling together even though i think they were sort of unless starpower than a lot of the people on the card i guess sort of the keystone on the undercard and then just goes as far as the length of that match went just in retrospect did did they have where is this kind of like a triple h let's make it epic by making it long even if they're did today underestimate how much it would take to get the crowd into it or would the crowd have been more into it had they gotten to the next phase of the match a little quicker and shorten the match especially considering the length of the show over all.

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