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As much of a factor on smack down as he had been leading into summer slander and now i don't know maybe he's in the united states championship pitcher may be not um but definitely definitely quarter when continued the story uh aj at my age a k o n shame and the build of ko's hatred for shave and bo one thing anybody who's follow kevin owens on the nbc knows is that he where he goes to that place where he unhinged and a sorta psychotic it's gonna make for a great uh sports entertainment where defeat we go with his ultimately is this arrest romania match armed urging don't be involves sooner i don't know that they can stretch it out to wrestle mania but um i wouldn't mind seeing it at any one of the other big four views letters e survivor series well volvo or us mania but sooner or later shave is going to catch a proper powerball it's going to happen at some point and it's a great opportunity for ko to get an important win of which you don't feel like he necessarily gets enough of his shane ever gonna win a match in deputy him i don't think so i don't think he needs to vote either meet his his wins when he you know his original run came at the head of some pretty low level guys but with the main guys it was just about shane hanging in there and give it in its attainment insani batch weather was uh uh randy you're in or or kurt angle and add value have you know aj an undertaker we just want us these shane competitive well we almost certainly need him to win but on competitors shane is what we want.

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