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Real people real stories and I copy torture twenty four hours a day I couldn't even walk across my floor with that literally copying and so I mean yeah I saw three different common knowledge and they could do nothing you mentioned to me about a product president Reagan had taken I ordered it in one week one week my coffee transaction in the corner for everyone that would come into our store K. we have been I told them what I was doing and he said well what do we need to stop coughing I said I can't answer that yet job eight six six eight three six eight seven three five eight six eight three six eight seven three five or visit carnivore dot com that C. A. R. N. I. V. O. R. A. dot com and welcome back to coast to coast George story with you Steve Stockton with us his latest book of strange things in the woods state board of people pick your books up on Amazon I'm sure you have around on Amazon for now just came out in paperback last week they actually combined publisher combined the first two books which was strange things in the world the more strange things in the woods made it one of volume and then my third book is out in paperback that's my strange world which is my personal encounters and you said something before we went to the break talk about your son here and something running in the woods yes something really heavy I mean he he he didn't think it was a person he didn't think it was a bear he knows animals he didn't think it was a deer but he just said George dad this thing was lumbering around and it just sounded huge our dad like to tell you my experience is very similar if we got a win for you yeah absolutely same area that I grew up only had twenty six acres out in the country and it was all wooded except for five acres heavily wooded heavily wooded and there was an old the ditch line there that I used to play in and found out later it actually been the old dirt roads to their back dating back to the revolutionary war times and the house in the woods with animals up to Chris looking down into the stench and I heard something running in the ladies coming up out of the ditch and I I stepped back and whatever it was I couldn't see it but I could hear it and I could see the effect that it was having on things it was like something was running and again like you're talking about there because the heavy foot grounds verbal writing and it's kicking up leaves in its wake and it was coming right at me but there was absolutely nothing that I could see this was big I mean I could see the little branches in the thing's been locked away and that's well the few times in my life that I've actually been scared there's three cations that that's the first one and I ran back down the hill screaming about years old and I was like it's such a motion my mom actually hardly came out on the back porch to see what was going on I ran past her move in the bedroom and I think I got under the bed yeah dad brother got home from work they went what they could see where the the lease of the store nothing there then the quiz me and I'm so glad I grew up I knew deer and bear and dogs it was nothing that I can say and it wasn't anything small like a mole or groundhog or anything like that because it was affecting the turkeys several feet off the ground and so I stayed away from there for a long time in the end flash forward about another seven years later this again right before we moved from there I was fifteen I was just kind of walk around the whole place I have been the one last look around I walked up there the ditch and same spot look back down in there and I was just thinking I wonder what that one is the scared me when I was a kid and as I turned to walk away I heard a familiar noise something running in the ladies turn around the exact same thing as seven years prior something came up out of that ditch it was running towards me I didn't scream and cry this time but I didn't waste any time get out of there now flash forward about another five years I was working in the west Marshall and the guy that I just know from work ahead of you guys me to a party so I went to the party with didn't know anybody there but him didn't really know him well some of the girls there have found which board and they wanted to get it out but they're messed around with it and they were going around the room asking people different questions when they got to me I thought I've got one for you the way to pose questions what scared me when I was a kid that was didn't nothing else just those words well the the board did showing moved around spelled out two words water right W. A. T. E. R. S. P. R. I. T. E. R. you're looking at me like what is it Sir she doesn't want to drink I just rolled my shoulders this was days before the internet but the next day I went to the library and went to the reference desk tops the reference librarians and what can you tell me about a water sprite or water spirits and she round there look to things up initially came up with a book and now show me a picture of an elemental being called a nightmare which is also known as the water sprite or water spirit it's a feminine elemental guardians of areas because there's some fresh water springs interesting the odd thing about that the properties that we lived on there were seven natural springs on that one property the floated one that flowed into the lake about three hundred yards away what new books you working on now Stephen Hobbs I'm working on one about Mister Rogers of the Great Smoky Mountains have been working on it land company years and put it down my brother passed away and he's all in that bookies because experience if not more so than I am in the legends and lore the Smokies and he was sort of helping me out with some stories and things on when he passed when I showed up for a while but it's it's time to get back on that's what ninety percent finished okay without the summer we'll have you back on when it's done okay great let's take some calls Cheryl is in Texas on the wildcard line sure welcome to the program thank you so much George I'm honored hi Steve hi there that's something to share with the audience it's something that you can say so it's not a ghost but I logged in eight our senior properties for seniors we're all in for collection and they didn't tell us before we moved in here that this used to be a wildlife habitat and I knew the bobcats and coyotes just a few feet from where my apartment S. that's where their damn car and so they were all around the run up on my cat gorge I survived date prior to the attack this year but I cracked my door I'm not sure I'll be here today the first thing you're going to hear is going to sound like a woman screaming and that is a lone coyote and then afterwards I could be in the packs of coyotes this is literally at my front door and so that's what I call the intellect you're listening here at here we go here we go what the world could that the Stephen well I'm not sure which is right about a big cat sometimes typically really big cats like would they have something called a panther although it's not really a painter they will make it sound good sounds very similar to a woman screaming and you talk about something like in the hairs stand up on the back of your neck the out in the middle of the wilderness somewhere in here what might be a screen I mean who knows that there are gas to do that but then it could be somebody screaming as well this could be anything we've heard big foot sounds out there in the woods and everything how about you have you heard any B. even though you've never seen one have you heard something out in the woods that could sound like a big foot yeah particularly here in Washington state just across the river from Portland not too far throw there in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest it's just in the shadow of mount St Helens I've heard some very unusual skips and the owls and it doesn't sound like any animal in the woods that I'm familiar with them I've heard some recordings of things that people report to be big foot and it sounds very similar to what I've heard and it was coming from different areas like one would call in another would answer maybe two more and they sounded described it as a different sizes like maybe one was a male adult the others a female and then there's some of the younger one somewhere and they're answering to first time caller PA in Maryville Tennessee almost year old neck of the woods Steven hi PA your job listing coast to coast since nineteen ninety seven thank you Sir for staying with us so long how do three I grew up in a cage code left thank you notes for their absolutely have left for my mom's family is off from when they immigrated over from your lan and cades cove yeah we'll see a lot of people ordenar I'm eighty two years old so I thought I was south I grew up there I could tell you you better give us one well you're not for there was no school supplies I didn't go to school two three years because they should hold us schools churches for everybody my mother helped me refine you know yeah third a lot of people were you know warm friendship Baptist church I'm sure Steve does I don't yep yeah what happened there execs were we all that's how most people are yeah soon soon sparked some ghostly thing in the cemetery out that way the sparks no but there's a zero thank you leave us with I have the search it's called the thank people used to ride horses out there is darkness this lady jumps on the back of the Ballarat found seven should rise to the got now the next three years to drop off she was a ghost yeah whoa Jerry here that one Stephen yeah I have heard that legend with the rider would feel somebody jump on the back of the whole whole whole whole whole I got to the water and that's the the the legend of the ghost can't cross moving water so should drop off but yeah cades cove in particular and the north shore of Fontana lake are the two most importantly haunted areas in the Smokies for decades ago was got all kinds of other charges would be things going on there in geographically where are exactly the smoky mountains on the border between East Tennessee and western North Carolina India is a widespread area yeah it's it's huge it's very large national park and it just happens to be the most visited national park in the U. S. S. and what makes it so unusual what do you think happened there a long time ago to make it so strange well the Cherokee are all throughout there they've got a story for everything they have a lot of stories about different battles with other tribes and they also believe in the little people there's Cherokee legend of little people in the Smokies like gnomes and fairies and elves and.

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