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Lying in the sun sipping fizzy drinks spat tonight idea that would not lead to guy. She talks about who's successful collaboration with two very close sprains both of them all be selling historical authors. And why she thinks leading tastes have been changing during the pandemic. but before we get to. Lauren just a remind. The shar nights for this episode can be found on the website the joys have been reading dot com. Drop by and say hello to us. We always love to hear from listeners. But now he is lauren. Hollow the lauren and welcome to the sharp. It's great to have you with us. I'm so delighted to be here. Thank you so much for having me. Look lauren youth. Got thirty or more books published to your credit now mainly historical mysteries and historical fiction. You've won all sorts of awards and made it onto numerous be seller lists things like the new york times. List the booksellers based list. You've got rita's wonderful career that you've had but how did you get started on this road doing this for very long time. I made the decision. When i was six but i going to write fiction. Right grew up. it was largely Alga frustration. i had watched the either a valerie noura princess and it finally dawned on me that i couldn't dance and no one was offering me a kingdom which was very inconsiderate of them so i figured i would go with my third option indian novelist instead and having decided that and told everyone in the first grade i had to stick rich. It's just amazing. It's remarkable that you'd such a seats of confidence and decently so young this things but when you keep at something itself perpetuates by by first manuscript off to simon schuster. When i was nine and of course they sent back form letter. I was it but you're having gone down that road. I had to keep cracking away at it and the is i adore historical fiction while all kinds of fiction really and have never watched you anything more that i wanted to live in stories. My own and other people's pets wonderful now. I know you've got a book. That's very soon going to be at band of sisters. We won't talk about that a little later on in our check together but the one we focusing on today as the sama country. Which is your most recent book as we speaking. It's being described as an epic family. Saga simmering with secrets. Just the sort of story. I'm estimate that i love these family. Sagas simmering with secrets and a book. That you've said just big to be russia you almost tried to keep it quiet a knock do it. But it just wouldn't lead to align what at tell us about that well. This was a book that grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go say departure for me both geographically and in subject matter. Most of my books are set in england and they usually although there's a great deal of drama and some of the dramas usually of the domestic variety. I certainly never mentioned tackle slavery or racism or really big heartbreaking topics but about oh goodness eleven years ago. Now i went on a girl's trip with my best friend from brad squall. We had decided we were just going to lie a warm beach with free drinks in our hands and do nothing but this did not work very well for us. We all spent most of our lives in libraries. One of them was ablest. Another renaissance europe and i was an early modernist. Who was ray writing novels. And so we're used to spending most of our time in libraries and we really weren't used to direct sunlight so we burned rather badly that first day and then decided to look for indoor activities so we found a plantation tour where we were told about. How the plantation had burned down in a fire and the owners portuguese ward had died except bet. She was neither portuguese nor his ward. She was his daughter in slave woman and the rest of the story. We were told that betty was about the plantation owner how he was founded by his daughters gale and spent the rest of his life rocking on the veranda chasing the shade. And you could still hear that rocking chair creaking. On the verandah which was a great gothic goes straight. I love the ghost story but what really caught my imagination. At the time. I really wondered about was. Where was the child's mother. Was she there to the night of the fire. Had she agreed to have. Her child entered the household as a portuguese ward or had the child been torn for her and of course being that horrible person the group. I asked the tour guide. Who couldn't tell me. All they knew was that the mother had been anew unnamed enslaved woman and they had no idea who she was what happened. What the story and that was meant to be that. I went back to new york. I was writing a book. Set during the napoleonic wars light and flippant with lots of antics with napoleon. Behaving badly. And i couldn't get that missing mother out of my head that nameless enslaved woman whose child died in the fire yeah and for years the story i it haunted me particularly when i years later had children of my own and the full impact of what that manche came to me and but it was a stray. That really almost get ridden. Because i i came back. And my ed aroused me. Why watch right next deny supply barbados idea and she was like no. No no no. You cannot write a book. Santa caribbean i thought. Okay well. maybe that's the best. My background is in english history. Nod him caribbean history. I don't know why i'm doing. These are big topics nubia state and every now and then i take off that file and dusted off and then stick away again and it took about. Oh gosh eight years after that initial trip before my agent finally said to me. You have to write the barbados race. You'll stop talking about it. It's peculiar isn't it. It's just one of those things that certain time periods and things dominate the based sailors. You would know that well because some of your books seizure noise periods like world war one and world war took currently while others like you'll carribean stories. You mentioned find that a will have to gain acceptance. I think with socially with publishers but even with read as well what is this is an is their way of breaking through goodness. This is something. I've thought about a lot. It's very funny. Because when i had that discussion with others at the time she said what you can write anything you like as long as it set in england and then she paused for a moment. Thought very seriously and you can write anything you like. As long as it's set in nineteenth century england. Whenever i really want to terrify my agent my academic background is in the english civil war so whenever i coupon to scare my agent i tell her finally go right my big english civil war saga and the thought of my going seventeenth century. Just scares her speechless. But i do have some theories about why this is. I think for some reason. Although i can't really quite put my finger on there are synergies between certain time periods. I mean i. I grew up in the eighties. Which was the era of the victorian saga both Victorian england and a lot of american civil war novels and movies for some reason. The era of big hoop skirts.

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