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The efforts recall was lost for the year. However, they found a guy that they know that was a pretty good player before he got injured. He was on the practice squad. He's going to be on the 53. It's going to be just a matter of time. Now could be this week. He's going to be on the 53. So why would they then bring in love? Ian Bell? And they don't dislike David Montgomery. Quite the contrary. They they're trying to pump up David Montgomery. You talked with him last week? Sure. Charles London has had lots of talks with David Montgomery last Thursday night after that game that Montgomery had 29 rushing yards on 10 attempts. He had less than that against the Colts the week before. I mean, if anyone had a right to sort of be like Hello, boys isn't going well. It's Montgomery. He had a big catch for the first down for 17 yard field goal from Cairo, Santos. But this is not what David Montgomery envisioned. Coming into this offense to be the featured back, Not not not happening. So I never really felt like that was something that was going to happen here. I don't like we had some story on ESPN dot com where he was the number that bears the number one fit for him. I didn't write that. I just I didn't see it because again, I feel like you're forgetting about Lamar Miller. You might say to me A man love Ian Bell is 50 times the player that Lamar Miller is and you might be darn right. All I'm saying is that they have Miller here. They know him. They have him. They have visions for him filling that role. So bringing bell in on top of that was never really something. I thought they were going. T do, least get a giggle out of hearing the Bears defensive coaches call Mike Davis. A beast now, like he was in your building a year or so ago, And now you described your defensive coaches were talking about him as being a beast. Did it make you giggle? At least a little, you know? Ah. It's a charnel been a rough year, but I mean, I don't know if I'm giggling and stuff like that. More like these guys. I mean, what's the point? What can you do? Yeah. Giggle, talk about someone that got no opportunity and made some pretty good money. He made some pretty good that they paid him a little bit of cash. They never used him. He was an active on JD. I mean, like, Who do you blame for that? Where you see him here? Not being able to get on the field when they've hand picked him for the offense for the fifth King, and then he goes to take over for the most explosive running back and he puts up really good numbers. That's a collective failure. I don't put that on one person timeout. Let me interject this. I think you just described the bearsoffense right there. And those two words. Collected a failure because think about it because The Coaching staff in the front office. They have to work in unison. You can't have a front office signing a player that the coaching staff doesn't want. I've seen that happen before. I've seen guys get drafted. That the coaching staff is like what I'm not talking about Fox. Either. It goes way back then that and they're like, Wait a minute, huh? What do you mean? What do you mean? This is this is our first round pick. He We don't want him. We want this guy. Then that doesn't work. I'm not creamy. Who gave about Shay? Huh? You think lovely like that Love is like I'm out of here. But do you believe? Do you believe like that, Especially on the offensive side of the ball? This head coach has a tremendous amount of saying what the personnel decisions are I okay? I think he definitely has say. I think that he has a good relationship. I'm not Sanders. Any fracture, but my my point. What I'm saying is Like these moves don't get done unless everyone is on the same page that, okay, This is a player. We're going to make a very modest financial commitment, but this is not a minimum salary player. The expectation is he's going to. We're going to use him in this capacity. And then for that not to happen at all. And for him to be gone is just that's a stunning collapse. And again. I use the phrase collective failure because you have to put that signing like that. And now you find out the guy still could play. I mean, occasionally, there's these wild card signings where you sign a guy just stinks like boys was just a bad idea. It happens, right? No one's perfect. But now you find out that Mike Davis can still run the football. So what was the problem? What were they that seeing? It wasn't like He was a bad guy in the locker room. He was not that at all. It was a nice guy sitting there like why am I not playing? We're all asking. Why is he not playing? So I think that's that's on everyone involved here. Do you have a score for the game? Because we're not going to talk to you tomorrow. So what is your final score for the game? I was scored quick, Doug Buffone story very quick. I did pick the Panthers 17 16 get out! 16.6 points to get to my dug a phone story. So I Produce Doug when I was young 22 year old Jeff Dickerson, fresh out of University of Illinois in the business, and I would produce Doug and doubled, walking in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. A pack of marble reds and to be sandwiches, and he would pound pound all three of those in different ways he would eat the two and smoke the other. He was such a great guy. Thanks for talking about him. He was a wonderful guy to work with. And he was the first professional athlete him and jigs that ever had a former special athletes. I've had the pleasure of producing and he was one of a kind. He was just a great guy, and you know about this. This guy was so plugged in. Still, we had Dave rig going on our show back when David Reagan was the quarterback at Louisville, right on ly because Doug was a hall of Famer at Louisville. So I mean, Doug is always connected the dots. He was very smart guy. Loved him. He will be miss. Yeah, Love Now. David Egan is one of like 12 people trying to help Matt Maggie to come up with the offense. He is part of the brain trust. He's part of the he's part of the details. JD Detail the every like Once the monthly zoom, we get all the all the All the coaches like John de Filipo, Like Once a month, you get a day were going once a month. It's very funny, no matter, Maggie yet, guys, So the schedule got really has been really all over the place this week, so he was pushed back like 3 30 ish. Practice is ending. Now he was supposed to talk at 11 45. You guys know I should quickly. You know, Walker steals away from the team, of course, and we've got to see how it goes. I mean, you've had a couple of of issues here, so we'll see what happens. Carolina's being watched very closely because they played the Falcons last week, so Out of the last of it. Play here on this on this Thursday. If you're working in writing put on our Louis Riddick interview at five. He really broke down the Nagy play calling you Louis loves him. He does, but But, look, he did not hold back. Realizes that you know, it's it's show me time. Yeah, so and they've got the bears here in a week from Monday, so they'll be on Monday night football. JD. Great stuff is always thank you. Alright, guys, take care. There you go. There's Jeff Dickerson. So what? What were the two words that JD used Ah, collective failure. Collective failure. I want to know why I want to know, though, Was it the chicken or the egg when it comes to the collective failure, and I want to bring in another round of evidence for you, Mr Waddled. Look at thank you, miss and that's coming up next. 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