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Okay quick break to talk about one of our sponsors health accu health accu is a life insurance company and you might be wondering why are we talking about life insurance well they've got a program set up that we think is pretty novel it's new in many ways is that if you're living in active healthy lifestyle in i don't know you're running you're lifting weights you're getting after it you're eating healthy foods that they're going to say basically that you're going to have lower cost to them and so they're going to pass that savings on onto things pretty cool so if you're getting after it and you're putting the right stuff in your body you're eating well you're thinking well you're basically conscious of your health they've got a application that you can go in submit to see if you basically have what it takes to be part of the program so the definitely worth checking out and that's why we wanna talk about it with you so punch over to health i q dot com forward slash funding mastery to support the show and see if you qualify there's a series of questions that you take so see if you qualify and just a quick note fifty six percent of their customers save between four and thirty three percent on their life insurance so maybe that you head over to help i q dot com forward slash finding mastering check it out okay so i wanna go back to the structure of your program for minute the backlash that we got to what is what is training practice look like sit down deep breathing and then word you take folks.

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