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Percent off your first order and enjoy the rest of the pandemic stress free. This episode is brought to you by has when he did you. Now than half is the. That's the one that I just brought in here for my bathroom because I actually use it. Did you know that it's us more than any other? Side Line Hollywood film and TV. Do you have it? I? Everybody's obsessed with my hair. I become a hair icon in the last couple months, and I totally think it's because of this dry shampoo. It's amazing the charcoal and That one is gorgeous. The she can I I. Don't know if we're allowed to person needs. It is the crap. So good verifying dry shampoo. I use BEF-. This is a little trick I learned I do it. When my hair is wet and then I dry it, and then for the rest of the week I do the thickening. Dry Shampoo. Chiampou set of. A busy your I can't speak French, but there's some French on the bottle I've started wearing this and I'm gonNA. Tell you something not only have I become an icon, ICK, sex symbol, but you tell us more because of how voluminous and Messi my bed bedhead like like did she just have sex or did she just come out of a tornado or wind tunnel like I? Don't know what it is, but I just WANNA marry. New and my lover that I have taken, he is always like what perfume is that and I'm like boy. It is Hasek. Also! You really dark hair, and these never that white residue rat is which is a key most important these shampoos you do it, and then you go out and people look at you like you're crazy and you come home and you realize it looks like you just like through a bunch of baby powder on your head. They're amazing. Yeah, I've been using the shampoo and conditioner has Bildt in I'm actually using it for you guys, not watching. That's just hearing. I haven't turned into a snake. Say Free of sulfates, pyramids, artificial colors, no gluten. It's formulated to meet the needs of your specific hair type, also cruelty free. We love it. We love to see and because they're ingredient inspired fragrances. They smell incredible that is. Released stopped me on the street. People smell it through their face masks. They're like Ma'am I've been asked what my perfume was and is actually. Has Tea Tree Oil, and Rosemary invigorating collection and Here's the here's the bad news. Using has does not make you more literate or more able to read happy as you can tell if my stuttering the teacher on Rosemary collect invigorating. Three oil. That's their new one the new one. It's really good. I know, but you start at so I just want to do a lot of products like we do on. Our hair will get you. Thicker. Just like and then you can kind of style it without doing anything to you know what I mean. It starts to become very malleable. Washing your hand, we took dead. It kind of looks amazing. I can sort of do this like sideswiped by. Anniston did that thing when she sort of twisted it and it just I don't know it's very body all everybody on Albuquerque cruelty free. Already said that has tea, tree, oil and Rosemary. Invigorating collection and other products are available on Amazon Dot com, as well as online in-store at Walmart Walgreens, target and CVS. We are.

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