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Back to America first with professor Victor Davis Hansen. So for those who are most concerned about the future of the republic, what should they read now? In addition to de tocqueville, what are the three things that the two things that will help us understand what we have lost than what we must regain? I thought it would start with Aristotle's politics. It's essential. I like Alex. Democracy in America, but there's also a forgotten work, and that's John decrypt core, forming in America and he has two essays about the homestead former and the people who created the revolution. Yes. And I would look letters from an American farmer. It's an absolute classic work. And it's not appreciated. And I really, I really recommend that highly. And then I try to I don't want to get back into military things, but I try to memoirs of people that and the two pillars for me because they talk about the American system that powered the Union Army and that's Ulysses S. Grant is memoirs of the Civil War and the twin of William becomes Sherman. Not as highly regarded, but in my view much better even than grant all the grants much better written. And what they both are saying is we are going to defeat the confederacy because and they go about they talk about their constitutional system and the union has more reified the promise of all men are created equal in the declaration. And they talk about apostasy and breaking the rules of constitutional government. So there are political scientists and then their strategists in the sense, especially Sherman, they're saying war is cultural and spiritual. It's economic. I'm not going to go down there like grant is doing and fight Bobby Lee head on and kill a bunch of people who don't own slaves on the confederates. I'm going to go down and humiliate the confederate plantation slave owning class. And then sort of cut the octopus's head off and then save lives by not having pitch battle. So it was a very different idea. It was what the indirect approach which later was popularized by lidl part and others, but it's a classic work, not just a military strategy,.

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