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In faith that trump conveyed the message compromisso peninsula I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president and I approve this message paid for by Mike Bloomberg twenty twenty good morning it's six thirty eight let's get to know Blackhawks forward Drake Caggiula now I Drake do you still have your Jonathan caves autographed picture I sure do it's that my house back in Libya and that sort of way somewhere I'm not exactly sure where that is but I still have that picture I still remember clear as day he is so he preceded you at the university of North Dakota so how is it skating with him now as a member of the black box it's pretty surreal obviously as time goes on you know you just become more just teammates instead of being you know in all being around him but so from the first couple days being around them there's pretty cool just to see what your favorite players then obviously be able to play along side and it's a pretty special thing for me and it was somebody I looked up to before I got to school and then even more so when I got to North Dakota obviously now being able to play along side of it's it's pretty cool and it's been a great role model and a great teammate towards me as such it's been a very special thing for me does he call you kid no he calls me CAD G. which is an exam from school and most guys in Chicago call me Jules but he kept the North Dakota tradition and he calls me catch you like everyone else at school that you've had a full season now just about with the Blackhawks there you will as soon as the season comes to an end do you feel acclimated now do you feel like you're going to be here for the long run yeah I hope so you know I really really enjoyed being part of this organization and being part of black box is a pretty special thanks and I hope I hope I could be here as long as possible it's a great place to play it's a great organization and feel like there's a you know get a good spot for me here I'm not allowed to be here for as long as I can but sometimes in hockey doesn't work out that way but like I said I'd love I'd love to be here for as long as I possibly can north Dakota's hockey program known as one of the best in the country is produced Norma's number of NHL standouts what do they have in the water there in North Dakota during nothing special but there's not much else to do there other than play hockey so I think a lot of guys are pretty dialed in and and not the rank playing hockey thinking hockey talking hockey all day all day every day and everyone there just you know wants to win and everyone wants to move on to the next level and it's a pretty special culture there at that school everyone wants to be a professional and they and they treat you like professionals while you're there and you know waiting is is probably one the most important things but developing players is probably you know a one a or one B. alongside that that new university does a great job of an old building pros and and moving guys off the next level there are obviously various paths to the National Hockey League you took the the college route some guys come up through the juniors and eventually get their chance in the NHL do you feel like the way you went was was the best thing for you as you look back on it yeah it's hard it's hard to say because I obviously didn't play in the OHL I had the opportunity to but I chose I chose to go to school instead and I think obviously it worked out I I made it to the NHL and and I'm playing in the NHL so I obviously can't say that there's anything wrong with the decision that I made but I think just going to school was you know give me a little bit more time to develop and and grow as a player and and as a as a person and allowed me to put on extra weight didn't give me just a little bit extra time to develop and you know I wouldn't really say I was a high end talent but it allowed me to develop into the player I am today and and a bit of a late bloomer cell I think going to the college of gave me that extra time I needed to be the player I am now and you know I was a very beneficiary of the of a good school Drake Caggiula great talking to you this morning Drake continued success now kids want your autograph picture yeah that's pretty cool all comes full circle like that yeah I was a kid that was hanging around nine HL player practices in asking for autographs and now you know you see the kids didn't stop that at our practices and games in the site's pretty cool comes full circle like that how bout that all right let's get some wins down the season here yes sounds good to me there you go Drake Caggiula sounds like a very personable young man what is he twenty five days twenty five I think yeah I came over in a trade from Edmonton late in the the in twenty eighteen and this is first full season with the black oxen you know I think he's he's kind of found a home here hello hope he sticks around and you're a busy boy you've got a basketball game tonight right yes hi the Illini are in town to take on the okay really take on the Wildcats wells right arena again I'm interested to see what happens these teams generally they're they're usually close games at the game in Champaign last month was close we'll see what happens Katherine long losing streak Illinois had a losing streak now they've come back with a couple of wins here we'll see how they do tonight so that game is that six forty five will carried out because the hawks a plane here will be on the M. one thousand tonight and of course on the WGN radio app so that doesn't mean that you're off tomorrow morning does it I will be here tomorrow morning what a trooper you are I'm not traveling I mean I'm traveling to Evanston I can I can handle Rafic can sometimes be Bravo Alfa zero that's a good point I I'll I'll have to let you know about it we want to point that out to management this is six forty four right now it's get to our look outside here courtesy Steve grew sandwich in the newsroom staff Bob I've dialed up the radar this morning because.

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